It has been too long !!! Let’s talk about FITNESS!


I’m in class wondering how long will my professor lecture for ?!?! Well, we are talking about Childrens’ Perceptual and Conceptual (by the way, I’m a 4th year Child Development Major at CSU Sacramento). And of course, I am listening and taking notes (just a pro at multi-tasking (^.-)) but also thinking about my fitness progress.

I remember how I gained so much weight working @ a warehouse doing grave-yard shifts for about three years. I resigned the warehouse job just this early spring of 2017. I would get so hungry after coming home around 3PM-5PM in the morning and heading straight to Carlos Jr. (CJ) or Burger King (BK). I gained about 10-20 pounds, my weight was never consistent, and I wasn’t happy with how I looked. I joined the Planet Fitness in late 2015, working out with cardio machines for about 2-3 hours. I was 130 pounds, now in early 2017 I am 115 ~ 120 pounds depending on how I eat and diet during the weeks. I don’t hit the gym as often as I did in my last two years of hard works. I only hit the gym when I have the chance at school which is twice or once a week.

It is hard to find motivation when I have to struggle with school and work, but thinking back on how I used to work out after leaving the grave-yard job (I was very unhealthy because I don’t give myself, body, and mind rest). I barely slept during those times, I would sleep for two to three hours and then go to class, sleep in class or have power naps in the library. Now (present time) I feel like during those time I didn’t allow myself sleeps, it is effecting my well-being and mental health. I sleep more than usual (sleeping for more than 8 hours), and I am less social and outgoing. I learned the hard way that giving yourself sleep is the best health you can do to your mind and body.

Today I woke up feeling like I need to work on my cardio because summer is approaching but I want to make sure that I give myself time to finish my daily tasks such as attending classes (I have two classes today, Monday, which are three hour long classes), doing (catch-up) assignments and homeworks, and also get one hour of workout done by the end of the night.

I want to reminded my self that fitness is a form of being healthy and a lifestyle but at the same times if I don’t have the time for working out, its not the end of the world and it can be push back but if there is time for fitness, I need to do it and not think about how much of a hassle getting ready for the gym or how crowded the gym will be. fitness

What College Feels Like

Hello, Hello, Hellloooo~ (Count Olaf reference anyone?…Probably not.)

Wowza! It’s been 1 year and half since we (moonlightjoy, lunadara, chicfairy) started this blog! I know we never started out big, but it was fun posting random, small stuff here. We would always mostly blog everyday, but it was only because we had time in the last 1-2 years. This year, all four of us bloggers are in college and we barely have the time anymore. Just writing this makes me miss blogging almost every day. College has taken a toll on us. Exams, midterms, jobs, MONEY and of course, THE TIME!

So how is college life? Meh. Not that exciting, but it’s good! It’s just that for me, I didn’t join any clubs or have a job yet, so it still feels very much like high school to me. Unlike the others, they have jobs and I feel like I’m doing something terribly wrong with my life -___-

College is really nice. Our campus is California State University, Sacramento. It sounds nice right? (Yeah, whatever. You guys probably go to Yale or something.) It’s really green and beautiful. The campus is growing smaller and smaller, though, because I’ve been walking around so much, haha. Just this past autumn, the campus was shrouded with falling leaves and it just gave an extremely serene vibe to the school. It’s very peaceful when it’s peaceful, but when it’s loud and wild and nice, it’s loud and wild and nice! I love my school 🙂 I’m blogging this in the Fall and it’s already getting a little cold. Need to get warmer clothes!

Classes are great. I’m in my third semester of college, but overall, my professors have been extremely kind and funny. The faculty around our school is really nice and patient with whatever you are concerned with and they care about you alot. That’s one thing I like about this campus (although, I hope I’m not exploiting too much. I only speak from experience.) Classes are big and small. Some are too small, some are way too big. But learning is the same!

I love the food courts here. So much good food. Don’t believe it when they say “Freshmen 15″…because it’s actually “Freshmen 50”. Trust me. Really.

In college, you really need to balance time. Time is so precious in college, I swear. It ranges from sleeping time, homework/study time, lunch time, class time, everything! Time, time, time everywhere. It never stops. I don’t know how my friends (the other bloggers here) manage their time to work their butts off. They must be suckers for time destroyer…jobs…yeah.

One luxurious thing I love about college is choosing our own classes. It is so freaking amazing. In my Spring 2013 semester, all of my classes were in the afternoon, which meant sleep in time for me in the mornings! School is basically a job, and it’s flexible with your schedule! Registering for classes, however, are extremely ANNOYING, OH MY GOD. I cannot express how frustrating it is. There are so many freshmen coming into our college that it’s really hard to get the classes you need. The competition and struggle is REAL! Darn freshmen.

There really isn’t much to say about college at all, honestly. In college, it’s all about freedom. You can do what you want in college. You don’t have to go to class (not encouraging this!) if you don’t want to, you don’t have to sit in the same seat in your classes, you can ride bikes around and do so much more. You don’t have to look fancy for anyone because in college, nobody gives a crap about you or how you look. Unlike high school, a stage where teenagers will judge you.

In the end, college is really just another school. You get in class, learn, and get out. That’s all there is. Responsibilities and priorities become emphasized during this time of life, but you just have to learn how to manage it all. That’s the college life!

How to be the Main Girl (In a Korean Drama)

Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang, Heiress to PovertyPark Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang, Heiress to Poverty

I am bacckkkk! I promised that I’d be back with more of this series 🙂

My last post with the “How To Be” series was how to be the main guy in the manga world. This time, it’s going to be the main girl in the Korean drama world! Now I know many people have done this so many times before and you will see many similarities between our points, but I hope it’s fun to read and hope you enjoy it!

  • First off, just be poor. No more to say.
  • Be poor, but also be the most mentally strongest girl anyone has ever met.
  • You have 2-3 jobs to barely pay for your tuition at school.
  • You always have a best friend/roommate that supports you no matter what happens.
  • You’re the center of attention. Every guy wants to have you because they want to.
  • You also have a best guy friend that always loves you, but you don’t love him back romantically. How dare you not like him back! Are you really that slow and freaking naive, you main girl?
  • You go to school with all of the characters in the whole drama series.
  • All of the other characters are rich; you’re the only poor one who got into the school because you worked your butt off.
  • You always have a mean relative that wants to tries to take care you.
  • When you meet your main guy, you guys start off bad. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s because of the magical accidental kiss.
  • Halfway through, you hate MG (Main Guy). But in your heart, you secretly like him (because of his personality). Pssh, you saw him shirtless before, just admit that you like him because of his body and face, goddamn it.
  • You have a sad, depressing past. Your parents died, you took care of yourself when you were at a young age, you live in a crappy apartment. You dream big, but it’s hard to achieve it because you are DIRT POOR.
  • And yet, you have nice clothing. Or you dress just as casual as how the rich people wear.
  • Halfway through, you will meet your MG’s fiance. Or bitchy ex-girlfriend. She’s also rich. And she wants to destroy you.
  • You are now in competition, but you have one thing she (ex-gf/fiance) will never have: strength and determination! (The struggle of a girl in poverty!)
  • Supposedly, you have been in love before. But it never really shows who you had a relationship with.
  • And your MG makes you feel like it’s your first time in love.
  • AND… I hate to admit it. Unless this is a really intense drama, going toward the more R-rated area…you are a REALLY bad kisser. (Warning: long rant below)
  • Seriously, you are SO FREAKING stoic when he kisses you. He does all of the head tilting and kissing, and you don’t even moves your lips AT ALL. By this time, you are a grown woman and your hormones should be reacting like crazy during this moment. How can you not move at all (besides closing your eyes)? And not even trying to wrap your arms around him while he kisses you?A kiss is not THAT electrifying,…is it?
  • And his kisses aren’t even that intense. A little more than a peck, but that’s all -____-
  • A little after halfway, you get to meet his parents mom or grandmother.
  • They are the epitomes of pure, evil. Evil I say!
  • They are rich, powerful women and they can do research about you faster than the government can.
  • They will plot an evil scheme…and bribe you to dump your MG.
  • You and your MG have an emotional break-up scene. He will grab your wrist and turn you around and he will tell you he loves you. You will fight back tears and coldly tell him that you never loved him.
  • As you walk away, you cry a river.
  • If this isn’t the scenario, you will deny the bribe and you will fight against his evil mom/grandma.
  • They will torture you until you reach HELL.
  • Much, much later on, you realize that you can’t live without your MG, so you confess that you love him too and you guys are all lovey-dovey.
  • Soon after, his evil mom/grandma will discover that they knew your parents before they died. Either they were business partners or they were good friends.
  • Either they make it worse for you or they forgive you and they let you love your MG.
  • At this time, everything turns ape sh*t. You discover that the bitchy ex-girlfriend earlier could have been your half-sister or step-sister.
  • In one scenario: Your parents that died weren’t your parents. They were adoptive parents. Your real parents are rich and powerful too, but they had a reason to abandon you.
  • In the end it gets emotional, but you end up with your MG. Yay!
  • And then the viewers realize that with all the chaos happening…it appears that you never had one piece of homework to do.

It has come to an end! If you have any suggestions, comment and I can add them! Hopefully, this wasn’t too long. Thanks for reading 🙂

P.S. This will be added to the “How To Be” page. Enjoy!

Blog Series!

Hello! It’s been so long since we’ve been blogging, I know! But we’ve all been quite busy with our lives and haven’t got the time to blog. I eventually come back once in a while for check ups, but I promise I will come back to blogging every twice a week or so! It needs to be brought back to life!

So, I know many people have been doing these things forever, but I’ve decided to start a separate page called “How To Be” Blog Series! If you guys have been reading our posts, you’ll notice that moonlightjoy and doodlearts (me) have both blogged a “How To Be” already. From now on, I will post more of these in order to liven up this page again. It’s becoming dead, which is not a good thing. You guys will find this page on the top of the home page, above the blog header. It’s not hard to miss 😉

I will try to update this blog as much a I can. We’ve been gone for too long, we need a grand comeback! Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day! 🙂

Coffee Shop

Hello hello!

Wow, too long now! I know I’ve said that a lot every time I post, but it literally has become too long. Last time I post was in January! Anyways, I’m back to review B.A.P’s new single, “Coffee Shop”! Take a look (at them sexy pictures):


Back to reviewing, it’s very sexy! I like their new concept. It’s kind of quiet, subtle and it’s very easy on the ears. Something you would hear in the clubs of the 1920s 🙂 I like how they are being versatile with their music nowadays. Their top tracks in their albums so far have been their usual: aggressive, upbeat, hardcore and super super hot. In this one, however, it’s nice and calming. It’s also shot in Los Angeles!

I really like how this song is sweet singing and calm rapping. It creates such a delicate atmosphere. I’m one of those people who can appreciate nice music. If it sounds good to me, then I like it. I don’t have a specific genre of music that I only listen to. My friend described me once as “universal”. Haha. but that’s really the reason why I like this song. It’s nice, it’s soothing and it’s amazing! Can I mention that Daehyun (my lovely and handsome bias) looks super hot in this music video? (The others look great also! Daehyun is just…hotter.) I can’t say much about this music video because it’s indescribable. They all look amazing! I always knew Zelo would break out soon with his singing. Hehe.

Don’t Leave


Wow, It’s been SUPER Duper long! Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2013! 🙂 I don’t have much to say today but I just wanted to share one of T-ara’s awesome songs. I personally think that this is one of the best songs in the world and definitely one of the best from the group. They didn’t do much with this song but the first time I heard the beats of this song, I immediately fell in love. I’ve been listening to this song 24/7 this month and my love for this song is never gonna die! Enjoy listening!

T-ara – Don’t Leave

T-ara - Day By Day Album Cover

What a blessing you were, Answer Me 1997

This is not a show to be mess with. It was so great beginning to end. I LOVE IT! Even though it didn’t have A-list stars or a great production value it was so alive and wonderfully made. This feels like the whole package if you wanted to sit at home and watch, marathon the whole thing. (I wouldn’t recommend it if it is your first watch, every bit and pieces is so great.)It would just be a pleasure.  Even if the acting has rough patches, the actors are able to give it their all and create lovable characters that you want to put in your pocket and run away with.:)

The story goes from the present tense to the end and uses voiceovers so great. It touches my heart because it all felt so real and I can imagine all this happening with real people.  It makes so undeceive and you won’t even be able to predict what the hell is going to happen next.

I don’t want to spoil anything because this drama is so great and it’s story is one that needs to be heard and watch. Have a good time, Answer Me 1997 will make you happy. 😀


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