Will love when over an evil game?

 Maybe in this lakorn it will. The infamous new koo kwan or OTP in Thailand is no ther than Nadech and Yaya or they’re name YADECH as fans call. In this love story it’ll be sweet, revengeful but certainly something to look out for. They’re latest lakorn Game Rai Game Ruk (trans. Evil Game & Love Game) will be airing in the next batch after Roy Marn starring Boy and Margie. This well be something to look out for and hopefully they’re last paring with each other for awhile.As much as I love yadech they need to keep away and star with others.

Game Rai Game Ruk on left, Roy Marn on right

The funny thing I notice in here is that Mint Natwara is aso in here, and she co-star with Nadech before in Ngao Ruk Luang Jai as the second lead fighting for her,and this time around she the second lead and is going to sooner or later also be fighting for him.

Anyways stay tune and read the summary ahead if you want to be spoil on the story also if your wondering if this is going to be sub it’s going to be.

No one know if it’s because of coincidence or destiny. One day in the late morning, the sea that has ever been peaceful turned mad. The big wave swashed and destroyed everything to the ground. It drowned many lives away. It’s unforgettable sadness and loss. But in that sadness, the great love occurred when a young guy on the Min Island, the uncivilized small island, met a girl who was lying on the beach because of the big wave.

Saichon helped that girl and took care of her until she was conscious, but what stunned him was that she lost her memories. She couldn’t remember even her name.

Because of her beauty like an angel that he used to see in the painting, so he named her “NangFah” (Angel). She was happy with this name because she felt that it made her beautiful and elegant. Her manners and behavior was not different from 8 year old girl. But Saichon estimated her real age from her appearance that she might have the same age as Mami, the 16 year old girl on the island who had a crush on him. So, he thought that besides her memory loss, her brain might get severely injured and it effected her behavior. Saichon took care of NangFah as his sister. Mami also adored NangFah as Saichon’s sister and helped to suggest her about everything.

When Saengdao, the village head man’s wife, knew about this, she told Saichon to make NangFah his wife because Saichon was a lonely orphan and he should have his own family now. Mami started to see the closeness between Saichon and NangFah, so she tried to warn Saichon. But NangFah’s beauty got his heart more and more. NangFah’s childish behavior caused her being careless of herself. Sometimes, she carelessly held him while she was sleeping and when she took a bath, she took off all her clothes before him. He had to be careful of himself because her naked body always shook his heart everytimes when he touched her. Saichon decided to make the room for her. He got injured while he was cutting the bamboo to make her room. NangFah bandaged him and took care of him. It made them feel attached and their love quietly developed in thier heart. Saichon even named his loved boat that “NangFah”

NangFah gave her heart to Saichon without knowing that the danger was drawing near along with her blooming love. Chompooprae, the only sister of NangFah or Fahlada, her real name, looked for her missing sister after the funeral of Pamorn and Ladda, their father and mother who just passed away because of Tsunami. Chompooprae kept looking for Fahlada with Doctor Wattana’s help, but they couldn’t find Fahlada. Wattana kept soothing Chompooprae without knowing that Chompooprae didn’t look for Fahlada because she worried about her sister, but because she hoped for the inheritance of the family. All inheritance was in Fahlada’s name because Chompooprae was just the adopted daughter before their father and mother gave birth to Fahlada. The only person who knew about this was only Aunt Niam, the old maid. But Aunt Niam also didn’t know Chompooprae’s true intention because Chompooprae always acted as if she loved her sister so much. But actually, in her mind, she felt very hurt that she got nothing, but only the house and some money from this family.

By the law, Chompooprae would have the right to deal with everything instead of Fahlada who was the missing person, but she had to wait for a year.

She thought that it was too late because she wanted to sell the land and use that money to do the important business right now. That’s why Chompooprae tried so hardly to look for Fahlada. Her purpose was to persuade Fahlada to give her the right to be the executor. She thought that it was not so hard because Fahlada was a docile person.

Yasa, the merchant on Min Island met NangFah and had a crush on her, so he planed to kidnap her. Saichon and the villagers helped together to look for her. When NangFah knew that she was in danger, she fought with her life. She smashed Yasa’s head with the wood stick before running away into the jungle. Saichon, Mami and the villagers looked for NangFah and found Yasa. Saichon was mad and beated up Yasa with his anger. Yasa told Saichon that he didn’t do anything to NangFah, but she ran away and got lost in the jungle now. Saichon ran to look for NangFah in the jungle immediately though there was the rain storm. Everyone tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen. NangFah got lost in the jungle and felt tired. The storm was stronger and the lightning strike scared her so much. She saw the cave, so she ran into it to shelter herself from the storm. The only person who she thought of right now was Saichon.

Saichon kept shouting in the rain calling for NangFah along the way. NangFah heard Saichon’s voice and walked out to see him, but she stumbled and fell down. So, Saichon didn’t see her and walked pass that cave. NangFah cried with hurt. Finally, Saichon walked back to the cave and found her. They hugged each other with gladness. Their bodies touched each other with overwhelming love in their heart. Saichon couldn’t stop his feeling anymore and NangFah also knew that Saichon was the guy she loved and wanted to entrust her life to, so she willingly gave her body to him. After that Saichon announced to everyone that he would get married with NangFah and they would have a small wedding and live their lives together.

Chompooprae published the news to look for Fahlada and offered the money as reward. Yasa saw the news and told Chompooprae for reward. Chompooprae sent people to get Fahlada back. Her people beated up Saichon who tried to stop them until he was unconcious and they took NangFah away from Saichon. Mami and Tiwa came to help and took Saichon back home. Saichon woke up with sorrow like crazy.

Fahlada woke up and acted madly. She couldn’t remember anything and kept calling only for Saichon. Chompooprae was shocked that Fahlada kept calling only for Saichon. Fahlada’s condition was so serious that Doctor Wattana had to use the electric shock for treatment.

This treatment was effective. Fahlada regained her memories, but unfortunately, she couldn’t remember anything about Min Island at all. Fahlada just only cried with sadness for the death of her father and mother. When Chompooprae knew about Fahlada’s condition, she seized this chance to take advantage for herself by asking Doctor Wattana to make the document about Fahlada’s brain problem, so that she could ask the court to appoint her as the executor. She lied to Dr.Wattana that her family was indebted and if she didn’t deal with everything, her family would be sued and bankrupt. She also told Dr.Wattana that she would accept to engage him because she knew that he had loved her for so long. So, he accepted to do it for her.

Mami kept soothing Saichon from sadness and hoped that he would turn to love her someday. But no matter how much she did good to him, he didn’t care about her. Saichon decided to go to look for NangFah in Bangkok. While he was sailing, there was the storm and he found the sinking boat in the sea. He thought that NangFah might come back to him, so he hurried to see. However, he found that the person who was in that boat is an American businessman who came to survey the islands in Thailand and got an accident from the storm. Saichom took Michael back to his place and took care of him without thinking that this guy would totally change his life. Michael appreciated the debt of gratitude he owed to Saichon, so he asked Saichon to go to America with him, but Saichon refused because he hoped to see NangFah again. So, Michael left his namecard with Saichon just in case he needed help.

Saichon went to Bangkok to look for Nangfah, but it was not easy to find someone in the big city. Saichon couldn’t find NangFah and was beaten up and his money was stolen. He had only Michael’s namecard left. Saichon felt hopeless in life and thought that he could not see NangFah anymore in this life, so he wanted to get away from everything and everywhere that NangFah had ever been, so he decided to go away from everyone on Min Island and go to see Michael.

At the same time, Fahlada got treatment until she recovered. Chompooprae wanted to sent Fahlada to stay far away, so she incited Fahlada to go to study abroad. Fahlada was bored of the nightmare that happened to her. She always dreamt of the scary big wave and the shadow of a man. She thought that the distance and the new experience could wipe out the nightmare from her mind.

After Fahlada went to study abroad, Chompooprae capitalized all properties. She sold the lands and used that money to do business with the new airline company whose big boss was an American millionaire named Michael.

Many years later, Fahlada and Saichon came back from America by the same flight, but the destiny made them not see each other. They both had changed. Fahlada became a pretty girl and Saichon became a charming, handsome and talented businessman.

Saichon or Charles came to be the CEO of the new airline company in Bangkok and Chompooprae was the partner of this airline business. When Chompooprae met Saichon, she fell in love with him all at once. Saichon asked to rent a house that was the real estate business of Chompooprae’s family. She was willing to handle it for him. Because Chompooprae fell in love with someone else who was not Dr. Wattana, her fiance, it made Fahlada worry about her sister and feel sorry for a good guy like Dr. Wattana, so she tried to know who Saichon was, so that she would tell him to stay away from her sister.

One day, they both met each other. Saichon was shocked when he saw his NangFah again. But what hurt him so much was Fahlada’s cold and distant eyes.

Saichon wanted to know the truth if Fahlada was really his NangFah and if she was, why she forgot him who was her husband and everything on Min Island.

Saichon knew that Fahlada was a creative in an advertising company. Saichon told Chompooprae that he wanted Fahlada to be the organizer for his airline grand opening.

Saichon wanted to work closely to Fahlada. The more he stayed close to her, the more he was sure that she was his NangFah and he was angrier because he thought that Fahlada pretended not to know him. He tried to tease Fahlada in many ways. No matter what idea she gave, Saichon always rejected and irritated her. But Fahlada tried to be patient and didn’t give up to him easily.

One day, Saichon knew from Chompooprae that Fahlada had ever been missing to stay with a poor man on an island. Moreover, he heard from Dr. Wattana that Fahlada used to lose her memories once, but she regained her memories now. But Dr.Wattana didn’t tell Saichon that Fahlada forgot the incident in the time that she was missing because Chompooprae begged him not to tell anyone because she said she worried about her sister’s reputation because she guessed that Fahlada might be raped from someone on the island and she didn’t want Fahlada to know about it. But actually, she feared that she might lose everything she had now if Fahlada found out the truth and regained her lost memories.

The half truth that Saichon got and Chompooprae’s lie turned love in Saichon’s heart into anger because he misunderstood that Fahlada intended to forget him because she didn’t want anyone to rake up her past that she had ever had relationship with a low-classed guy like him.

The more Fahlada had many guys around her, the angrier Saichon was at her. Fahlada disliked Saichon because she felt that he was a player who had many girls around him. Importantly, Saichon often came to see Chompooprae at home though he knew that Chompooprae had fiance and he always touched Chompooprae before Fahlada. But actually, Fahlada didn’t know that Saichon often came to see her sister because he wanted to see her.

What Saichon did made Chompooprae think that Saichon loved her, so she decided to cancel her engagement with Dr.Wattana. Dr.Wattana was very hurt and it made Fahlada angrier and hate Saichon more. Fahlada went to rebuke Saichon at his office. Saichon took her out with him. They both quarrelled with each other and he kissed her. Though he was angry at her, but he hoped deeply in his mind that this touch would remind Fahlada’s memory. But Fahlada mocked him that his kiss was worse than James, her boyfriend’s kiss. Saichon was angry and tried to make love to her. At that moment, Fahlada saw the shadow of the guy in her dream became real and this time, she could feel attachment to that guy, so she didn’t resist him.

The love scene went on gently and sweetly. But when Fahlada came back to the reality, she found that she slept with the guy who her sister loved and this guy was the bad guy who stole her sister from a good guy like Dr.Wattana. Fahlada was so angry at Saichon that she could kill him. But Saichon blackmailed her that he would tell Chompooprae everything if she didn’t yield him. Fahlada was hurt and hated Saichon more. She had intention that she would get rid of Saichon out of her sister’s life.
How the love between Saichon and Fahlada will end up, please wait to watch it in “Game Rai Game Rak”

Credit Wishboniko


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