Behind Every Story


Here’s another one of my STORIES. This one is really different from all my other stories. Continue to read and you will see why it’s different from the other one^_^

My motivation for this story is CASE CLOSED aka DETECTIVE CONAN.

Miyu, Yuki, and Ryuune(guy) are all friends. Each one of them has their own specialty. Miyu, who has supernatural powers where she can sense/see spirits and dream into mysterious things. She can also set trapped soul/spirits free and she is the daughter of the great inspector of the great police department of Tokyo. We have to say Miyu is a little clumsy and dorky and not to mention risk taking. She can get you in a lot of things, scary and dangerous. Yuki, Miyu’s older cousin, also have supernatural powers. Except she can actually exorcise an evil spirit (something like that). Unlike Miyu, Yuki is a calm type of person who is serious when the time is right. Ryuune, Yuki’s childhood friend, is a beginning detective training under the great police department. He does not have supernatural powers like Miyu and Yuki. Ryuune is also the calm type of person, that’s why he’s in love with Yuki secretly^_^. The story starts when one of Miyu’s high school friend suddenly disappears when her friend went on a vacation near the mountains. Miyu remembers her friend telling her about a house she will be staying over night at while she’s on her vacation there. Miyu knows that her friend never made it to the mountains that night. So, being the nosy girl she is, she dragged Yuki and Ryuune along with her to find out what really happened. Miyu traced her friends footsteps with her powers but when they got to a two story house, Miyu couldn’t feel anything of her friend. But instead, she along with Yuki and Ryuune were amazed with the big two story house. It was not a mansion nor a castle. In the house lived a middle age woman and her two sons. Miyu, Yuki and Ryuune were invited to stay for the night. While Miyu was still amazed by how beautiful the house was, Yuki and Ryuune were feeling uneasy about how weird the inside is. All the bedrooms and kitchen and living rooms were downstairs. Why would there be an upstairs? Yuki confessed her uneasiness to Miyu to make her calm down and feel something about the house. That night, while the house was still and everyone was sleeping, Miyu had a nightmare of a room upstairs with a table and blood was everywhere. Miyu, almost got killed in her dream and woke up in despair. What’s wrong with the house? What’s so mysterious about the people in the house? Will Miyu be able to find her missing friend? Will she be able to protect the other two along with herself?


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