I’ll be your Fairy Tale

I LOVE making up fantasy stories. They just come up randomly in my head and i think of a story…normally, i get motivated by other dramas/songs/mangas/novels/etc…

here’s one of the stories i’ve made up not so long ago>_< it’s just a brief summary and i might write the whole story after i finish my other stories…as you can see, i was motivated by the song Tong Hua (fairy tale)…tell me what you guys think^_^ or just give me some ideas on what i should add in!! THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!!

here’s the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP62wA4VBf0&feature=related

A girl lost her parents at a young age in a fire. Lucky for her, she has survived. She was put into an orphanage. The sudden change in her life made her lonely and this big change was too much and hard for a little girl to go through. No one wanted to adopt her because she never talked or played around. She wanted her own fairytale with her parents. As she became old enough to take care of herself, she left the orphanage. Eventually, she met a good person (girl) who let her stay with the girl. She found a janitorial job for a small company. There, she met another person. At first he seemed laid back like he didn’t care about anything. But than she started to learn about him little by little and found out that he too, have his own little fairytale: to meet the love of his life miraculously like in those mangas. The two became close friends but never realized the feelings they had for each other. Then one day, he didn’t come to work and later on, she found out that he had quit his job. She started to wonder and then overheard his other coworkers talking about his health. He was in a very bad shape. This made her realized her feelings for him and eventually, she found her way to him, saying, “I’ll be your fairytale…” what will happen to them? Will his life be able to live on for her? Will she be able to be his fairytale?

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