Shiver me timbers

Poseidon, how I wanted to love thee so much but you took my heart and broke it to pieces.

Maybe my anticipation was too high?I fell in love with the cast? No, I prefer the old cast (Eric,Kim Kang Woo,Kim Ok Bin) ,but you show ver. #2 cast my pretty pretty idols, Choi Siwon, Jung Yunho, and the beloved actress  Lee Shi-Young.

Siwon and Yunho or should I say Sun Woo and Eun-Chul doesn’t make great rivalry as the latter doesn’t meet up in acting wise to the already confused storyline. However the leading female,oh how I love the spice in your character Soo Yoon. The names are tricky missing up each name after name. But I love the cute between the OTP  and hopeful, crossing fingers for the bromance in the future.

I do agree as the cast isn’t as strong as before and how the show would’ve been better but alas I just wish for the better of this show when I marathon the baby after it ends.



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