Sixth Sense!

First entry! Gonna talk about KPOP! On Thursday September 22, 2011 Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) released their comeback song, Sixth Sense! I gotta say, it’s definitely fierce and…sexy? 😀 It’s not a typical music video either, it’s like you’re in a military or something 😛 Anyways, when I first watched the music video, I was really anticipating their performance and honestly, it was one of their best! Like I said, it’s not cute or pretty, it’s fierce and bold. Jea really got me on her high ass notes, Ga In and Narsha with their amazing voices as well as Miryo’s charsmatic rap. Amaaazing.

I didn’t really get the story line though. They talked about love and how they’re letting go of this guy and letting him suffer (?) They’re gonna forget about him and talked about how they’re not gonna be tamed by him anymore. I guess being tamed meant bringing a whole friggin army to tame them, huh? LOL. Anyways, I love it! Their comeback live was amazing too! Check it out!

***Just a note: Ga In around 1:09-1:10 did NOT say “Bitch”. She said “Bichi Bichi” in Korean 😛

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