I Like You The Best, okay?~ :D

So, after like a longgggggg year, Beast (B2ST) finally released their follow up music video for “I Like You The Best” today!!! I’m so excited! πŸ˜€

I Like You The Best_ I think I liked it more than what I expected! I actually never expected anything at all. LOL. If you guys don’t really know what the heck was going on, go watch the first part, which was their music video for their song “Beautiful“.

So in I Like You The Best, it continues on where the first part left off. Junhyung is still in a cast from breaking his arm and he’s enviously glaring at the new student nerd, Kikwang, working alongside his girlfriend (Son Naeun, who currently happens to be a label-mate member of A Pink). After school’s over, students clean up and Junhyung purposely pushes a crumbled piece of paper on the floor so that Kikwang can clean it up. Kikwang looks at him and wants to say something but declines and eats a medication pill (Is something wrong with him? :O) In a side scene, Junhyung meets with hot DJ Doojoon (Get it? DJ, DooJoon? LOL, nvm) and dancer Hyunseung. Junhyung and Hyunseung share a quiet conversation, probably a plan to take Kikwang down for winning the previous dance battle (in “Beautiful“). Afterwards, Kikwang is shown walking home, listening to a familiar song I Like You The Best (I love it when they listen to their own songs :D). He is stopped the 3 bullies Junhyung, Yoseob, and Dongwoon. They gesture him to follow them, which Kikwang is obviously confused. They take him to a dance room and Junhyung pushes and punches Kikwang. Kikwang falls down and Junhyung grabs him up. When Junhyung is about to hit once again, his girlfriend (somehow finding where they are) stops him, which he declines. At the same time, Kikwang’s medication pills have dropped and spilled everywhere. Right when Junhyung’s girlfriend stops him, Kikwang falls faints to the floor. Everyone is confused and shocked.

Kikwang is the hospital and everyone is outside waiting for results. The doctor comes out and says that Kikwang will be fine. Junhyung regrets what he have done and his girlfriend is mad. She’s about to scold him, but realizes there’s no point. Back in class, Junhyung secretly goes over to his girlfriend’s desk and finds a scrapbook that she made of him. He’s touched and flips through but only through a short period after his girlfriend shows up and catches him red-handed. He walks back to his desk. He gets a text, probably up for another dance battle. He agrees and his friends Yoseob and Dongwoon follow along. At the tournament, Junhyung and Kikwang meets face to face. Kikwang is feeling a bit hateful to Junhyung but Junhyung reaches out his hand to seal an apology and friendship (yay!). At the same time, Junhyung’s GF comes down to watch the performance. Everyone is finally at peace and the dance battle roars on.Β  I also think Junhyung has finally let go of his girlfriend(?) Because after Kikwang finished off his performance, he runs over and hugs her happily…and Junhyung doesn’t say anything O_O I guess so. LOL. BONUS!: -Behind the scenes- included at the end of the video! CUTE! πŸ˜€

***Side note: There was a chalkboard sign that said “Best2 v.s. AJ” LOL, they probably didn’t want to actually put BEAST or B2ST on it. AJ was Kikwang’s stage name when he was still a solo artist, keke.


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