Dream High:Scene Recap

I was thinking about a review or maybe even a series recap, but I figure I’m lazy :/. So here I’ll discuss about my favorite scene(s) in different dramas starting off the rocket with Dream High, the drama I ignore from the start but realize when I finish the baby I found love within it. Oh I can’t say enough on how much I love this drama even if it’s the first drama I watch with so many idols,and a love trianlge where I couln’t tell who was going to end up with Hyemi (Suzy) the female lead, and I could feel the emotions of the charachters even if half the cast wasn’t emoting as well as I would like,but that’s another story so here we go with the scene recap!

Yeah, this scene made me bawl alot (inside), it was really touching and all I ask for. Hyemi finally figured the little bunny boy Samdong played by the loverboy Kim Soo Hyun.

Hyemi found Samdong’s prescription note and realize why he was being so cold to her and just as she turn around he was there staring like a shock puppy and she was already tearing up.

Hymemi starts questioning is it because of her,cause you know he saved her earlier from a flowerpot, ouch! He denies her cause we all know he luves her.But she kept questioning him back and forth he responds with the same answer, “No.” She figure he can’t hear what she’s saying and she bawls.

She hugs him and falls down holding his hand and he cries too, as he tells her  this is why he didn’t want to come home, why he said she’d regret bringing him here. He didn’t want to burden anyone else with what he’s become. Crushing.

Samdong: You said before…that you wouldn’t give up. That you would pull me up. Go ahead and pull me out. Please…pull me out.

They stood like that in the moment crying and the superhero- Ohhyuk jumps in surprised, asking what’s going on.

Hyemi cries, “Teacher, help us.”

The scene was so awesome in anything,oh I forgot, I’m on the boat of Samdong/Hyemi, and they’re my OTP.Have a mv I love it because it clearly shows the relationship bewtween Samdong and Hyemi.:D

Pictures/Quotes Credit javabeans

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