Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (a wuxia drama) is super popular that there are MANY many versions made out of it. The latest/newest one that was made was in 2009 staring Ady An as Zhao Min and Deng Chao as Zhang Wuji. 

The version made before 2009 was produced in 2003 starring the awesome ALYSSA CHIA as Zhao Min and ALEC SU as Zhang Wuji.

These two versions are really awesome but one just have to be a little bit better than the other. The 2003 version have beautiful cast but did not follow the novel as much as 2009 (i dont find anything wrong about that though^_^). It is said that out of all versions, 2009 followed the novel best. Im not really going to judge because i haven’t watch that version myself yet. I think it’s cause im still stuck with Alyssa Chia and ALec su-___-!!!! i love these two couples so much. Their chemistry is so strong>_<!!! One thing that i DISLIKED about the 2003 version is the ending. IT TOTALLY SUCKED!!! min’er and wuji went back to the fire island and that was it!!! THEY COULD’VE AT LEAST MADE WUJI OR MIN’ER DIE——> but i wouldnt like that either^_^

Anyways i am getting so off topic here!! What i wanted to say was, which version do you prefer out of the two? You guys already know my answer!!! Of course, i love 2003 version. Here’s a preview of the two—->

the awesome 2003 version

the 2009 version

OH YEAH!! i almost forgot, another thing i dislike from the 2003 version is the martial arts…i cant really explain why but if you watch it, you’ll understand. I actually think 2009 has better martial arts just from watching the preview and everything..but i still like 2003 version more^_^

SO, what do you guys think? 2003/2009? tell me what you guys think!!! THANKS FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL TIME!!!


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