In Time With You, the last drama?

…..yes for Ariel Lin that is. It’s said to see her leave the ET busniess because due to the media completely manufacturing gossip about her, plus the tiring 12+ hour daily work schedule that comes with doing a drama and her weaker physical constitution since she had a brain cyst removed two years ago. However it’s understandable and I love it that her last project is something of a different tone an very eye catching reminds me of 9 Ends 2 Outs a story about best friends falling in love.

At first I didn’t want to even pay attention to it thinking i was a Taiwanese version of Coffee Prince, I hated dislike that show. But that’s another story for another day.:) Anyways Ariel’ s co-star is the boy-looking Bolin Chenwho always seems eye-catching but somewhat boring in his roles I seen thus far. Anywyas In Time With You is about Ariel  who plays Chen Yo Qing (30 years old), manager of a department store shoe department. Has dated a few guys, ending up heartbroken and exhausted by it all. On her 30th birthday, she’s still alone, and reminded that she’s considered on-the-shelf now. Faced with HIM, the only person who sincerely wishes her a happy birthday, she makes a bet – whoever gets married first before their 35th birthday, the other has to pay NT 100,000.

She starts to suss out all the single guys around her, as Project Screw On-the-Shelf Bid Farewell to Singlehood gets underway. She’s open to any possibility, from cute young things to older established men who can take care of her. Who says a woman over 30 can’t find a guy who wants her!

HE is Lee Da Ren (played by Bolin Chen), the ground operator for an airline. Accomplished at an young age, he’s had quite a few girlfriends but all for a short period of time each. Two people, who since high school have never gotten along, find themselves oddly always together, ending up as best friends who vow never to fall in love with each other.

He once said to her “I might not love you”, to which she replied “thank god, I really appreciate it.”

He doesn’t know why, but his sole criteria in any future girlfriend, is that the girlfriend must accept the presence of HER in his life.

He doesn’t know why he can’t ever stop worrying about her.

He doesn’t know why his world keeps getting caught up in hers.

Is it because they are too much like family… they can’t be together?

He once wrote a song, horribly out of tune. He loudly sings it, really its for her to hear.

A long long time later, she finally discovers that “I might not love you” is actually…….”I love you”?

The story is very interesting and well I’m waiting for the subs to finish and I can’t seem  to stop watching the trailer.HA!It’s love.

P.S. I hope she gets an equal amount of steamy scene with the Bolin as much as she going to get with her second leading man.

Here’s the trailer.

Summary/Pictures  Credits Koalasplayground

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