Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre:Which shall I love?

Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre 2003

Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre 2009

Well I’m not going to let moonlightjoy have all the fun,right? Well I wanted to say my opinion on HSaDS as well since I saw both versions entirely. Just to state first that I like the o3 version more in many reasons, but I can still see why 09 version was love as well. The cast for both the shows I respect however in my opinion o3 cast far better as a whole.

The leading man  for the versions where Alec Su and Deng Chao, both he are good actors but I felt Alec brought on the charachter of Zhang Wuji better than the silent  and seemingly distant Wuji that Deng Chao played, sometimes I felt Deng Chao was trying to emote but couldn’t?

Now to the girls who fought for their love;

I loved the leading females played by Alyssia Chia in 03 version and Ady An in 09 version, who stood on their on and portrayed Zhao Min as the character she is.Ady playing a more tomboyish touch which I thought was spunky and Alyssia with her cute but playful touch. I’m not going to lie in loving the way Alyssia played her character but Ady stood on her on well.

These are your second leading lades in03 version Gao Yuan Yuan and 09 version who I don’t know her name Liu Jing. When I first saw them I was like not pretty enough for the role,lalalala, because of the way Wuji describe her as pretty as a goddess. However my opinion change when I saw them on screen even though both look kinda evil,but the way GYY depicted her character I fell in love from the moment I knew she well lose Wuji forever (shoulda never stab him) to the moment where he declare his love for another girl (told ya shouldn’t be evil). I pity GYY’s Zhirou but I can’t say the same for LJ’s Zhirou,I hated her PERIOD. Nuhhsaid. I was so happy I knew she wasn’t going to end up with Wuji her portrayal   didn’t show any love and I felt bad when he loved her. huhhh.

Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre 2003

Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre 2009

I love the other girls in the story one way or another:

Xiao Zhao-Dear, Wuji loved you,I was in tears (in my heart) when you guys parted, I felt he couldn’t live without you but ZM came to the rescue if only you didn’t have to save his cute but you guys would’ve been a great OTP. I love the acting of 09 version more,but 003 version had the look to pull it off.

Zhu’er-Your dad is a bastard and I feel for you, it’s a pity ZW didn’t love you the way you deserve and you almost killed me when I thought you died but then made me laugh when you came back to life,miracle. I hope in the next life Wuji falls madly in love with you. In 09 version I didn’t pay attention to her at all, I found her annoying, but since I like the 03 one better I brought that image over so it was all good.I love the actress that played that role yet it’s too bad she isn’t a leading female yet.

Now for the things I adore,

I love the clothing or costumes from the 03 version it depicted the characters well and hated the used clothing on 09  characters expect Zhirou, I don’t know why,but her clothing was prettier than ZM???

I lovelove the directing for 09 version the colors the differential shoots depicting the emotions gah it was beautiful,but I was able to over look the directing for 03,it was good enough for me.:)

How many times I watch the versions?

03-more than I can count

09-one maybe a half.

Now go watch it!


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