I remember when i was young i watched A LOT of Bollywood movies. There was depressing and funny ones that i’ve watched and loved most of them. Nowadays Bollywood movies aren’t that interesting to me anymore. Maybe it’s just me or maybe i’ve found a liking in other Asian Dramas that i drifted away from them?? BUT, one thing i know for sure is that the Bollywood actress/actors from back then were SOOOO much BETTER!!!! again, maybe it’s just me:)

Anywho, my FAVORITE actor from Bollywood is *drum rolls* Shahrukh Khan!!! yes, i love him!! and one thing too that’s super awesome is that his birthday is on the SAME days as MINE!!! —-> NOV. 2ND!!! except my year is 1993!!

yes that’s him!! he’s pretty old now…i’ll post up more info about him next time because it’s kinda late where i live right now-___- and i have school the next day too..

there are a lot of Bollywood actresses that i like too but that’ll have to wait til next time too!! so for now, i’m going to share with you guys a fan MV that i found on youtube and fell INSTANTLY in love with it>_< it has Shahrukh Khan and one of my favorite actress in it—->


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