News Highlights

Also with the music video, I will be posting news of different actors and actresses that I adore every week on Fridays!So here we go:

The long awaited Mam Gaem Daeng has finally finalized it’s cast and finish their fitting.The cast was first rumor to be Anne Thongprasom and Tik Jesadaporn but on the day of fitting pra’ek and n’ek was  Chakrit Yamnarm & Matt Peeranee. I feel sad for Matt because pra’ek real-life girlfriend is going to be there also.Huh.Poor Matt.

On another note a new lakorn announce and had it’s opening ceremony Ruk Kerd Nai Talad Sode starring Mario Maurer & Margie Rasee. The pra’ nang looks weird together.Maybe I’ll get use to it?And storyline is boring,ehh.

Happy news, Chai Chatayodom is engage to his long-time girlfriend Vicky Sunisa.I’m happy for the talented actors and hope the last long after marriage as before:)

Moving along to the other side of Asian, Park Shi-Yeon, breath in breath out, is GETTING MARRIED!.No I can’t believed it,but those were the words that came out of her mouth I’m happy for her, but also sad to see her go. Congratulations,PSY.

Now more drams,dramas dramas,that I’m very unsatisfied about,well maybe only two. The fame producer of the Season-dramas has declared his recent project Love Rides the Rain ,very melo,and stars a Jang Geun Suk, I like, and Yoona (SNSD), I not like. She’s pretty, but not very talented in acting,she should stick to singing,yup. I might take a peek at it when it airs in 2012 but for now my expectations are low. Did I say it stars many idols?Well it does.

Park Min-Young grilfried of Lee Min-ho will jump right back into dramaland hitting it off with a theme baseball drama called Man Of Honor  with the adorable PIE (Chun Jung-Myung) with a cliche storyline. I’ll watch for the eye-candy cast. Btw, PMY cut her hair for the role,sad,I love long hair on actresses.

Full House 2 is finally confirm and I like the cast,wait LOVE IT!HAH. The gorgeous Noh Min- Woo and cute Hwang  Jung- Eum as the OTP.I’m excited but hopeful it gets aspicer storyline than the original because I got bored of that after a couple watches.


Pictures/News Credit javabeans/spicyforum


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