Ok so i have to admit, i have many addictions. That’s why this place is call, “Land of Obsessions”^_^. YES, i LOVE reading MANGA!! I have a lot of favorite ones that i’ve read in the past and will love to share it with you guys. But for now, i’m going to stick with GIRL GOT GAME by Shizuru Seino!! This manga is probably the second manga that i’ve started with (the 1st one is Zodiac PI). Girl Got Game is one of my manga inspirations to keep reading MORE manga. When reading these kind of books, i get pretty crazy and wild (in a good way of course). I also feel that reading these manga can really teach me about life and friendship (i know, im weird^_^). Here’s a small summary of the manga and i’ll be capping my fav scenes of vol one!!! 

“Some people will do anything to realize their dreams…even if it means disguising a girl as a boy so she can play on a famous boys’ basketball team. If you don’t believe it, just imagine how Kyo Aizawa feels. Her dad’s the one who cooked up this crazy scheme!” (Shizuru Seino)
 “Kyo’s Father was once a great basketball player who aspired to play for the NBA. Unfortunately, an injury ended his career before it even started. Despite his disappointment, he passes his love of the game and his moves to his daughter [Kyo Aizawa]” (Shizuru Seino)

It started with Kyo having to go to a new school, Seisyu High School (wasn’t really happy about it) but soon she was excited because of the schools’ cute girl uniforms!! It turns out that she was too early to celebrate her excitement for her dad, enrolled her as a BOY!! She was mad of course but cant do anything about it.  So, she disguised as a boy (a hot/cute boy^_^). Other than the uniforms, Seisyu HS was also very famous for it’s basketball team. yes, Aizawa disguised as a boy to play basketball for her dad. She just wanted a normal life with a good boyfriend. But how is she going to get a BF as a boy herself?! Kyo Aizawa is a very good basketball player herself and out beat the boys on the first day she arrived in the team. Also, she if very “fortunate” to be partnered up with Chiharu Eniwa(main guy) and share the same room with him in the dorms!! Eniwa is a very short temper guy but has a really soft side in his character..teehee^_^
Eniwa set a really bad impression on himself when first meeting’s so HILARIOUS. Since she is a girl, she’s shorter than the rest of the team, so he called her a “shrimp” HAHAHAH!!! (yes, i CAN get crazy^_^)

Here’s when they first meet—->
Aizawa was already in the gym with the team captain getting ready to practice for the first time when Eniwa walks in. Aizawa introduces herself in a boyish respectful kiddish way (she think he’s hot)
Aizawa:  I’m Kyo Aizawa! Nice to meet you.
Eniwa: What are you looking at? Shrimp!
Aizawa: (Stunned by Eniwa’s rudeness) Shrimp?! WHA…! (got cut off)
Eniwa: Listen…we’re not messing around here. this is a serious game kid, not a playground. (he said that because Aizawa looks like a little boy, short and all that stuff)
Anyways, Aizawa gets pissed and they practice basketball together calling each other names and stuff and Aizawa ends up proving herself that she’s as good/better than he is by beating him in the duel…interesting huh?

ANYWAYS!! that’ll be it for tonight!!! i’ll continue capping more of this manga and other mangas as well!!


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