Mint Chalida (Fan MV)


Im pretty sure everyone who’s in love with Thai Lakorns know who MINT CHALIDA is!! She’s not one of Ch. 3’s SUPER rising actress like YAYA URASSAYA but she is in the process of a rising actress…no matter what she is, i still like her with all my heart!!! Anyways, i wanted to share a little fan MV i found on youtube call Mint’s Love Story…i just love this fan MV. They can be so inspiring^_^

here’s a brief story line by the creator of this MV: PANGIAXIONG
Story line: Mark was being an a@@, since he dumped Mint.C for Mint.N for whatever reason of his and is about to marry Mint.N. Mint C was hurt by his rejection, and vowed to forget him. Mint C then met First who was kind and a sweetheart to her. Later on Mint.N cheated on Mark, and that’s when he tried to go back to Mint.C but it was too freaken late. First and Mint C were about to get marry. Mark regret his action, but he had his reason (which is unknown to us). He tried to get Mint C back but Mint still hate his guts. Even though Mint. C tried to forget Mark, she couldn’t b/c he was her first love. She is struck in the middle between the man who was once a jerk to her, and other man who’ve been nothing but a sweetheart to her? I guess, whoever is watching can decide the rest of the ending. =b. Typical story line…I know sigh



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