This is definitely gonna be a random post today, hehe. This is one of those things I love about people and what I love to draw the most: EYES! I don’t know why, but I think eyes are seriously beautifullll. Especially light-colored eyes. I’m so jealous because my eyes are SUPER DUPER dark, it’s almost BLACK. But no, it’s just dark brown. Every time I go to my cousin’s house and when she’s looking outside or something, I sneakily look into her freakin light ass brown eyes. They’re so beautiful! But then she’ll turn to look at me and give me this creep-ed out look, thinking “Why is she lookin’ at me? Perverted much?” Haha. But yeah, gosh I wish I light brown eyes. I think my eyes will stand out just a teeny tiny bit more ;D


Go Ara’s eyes 😀

Hazel eye 🙂

Beautiful eye ToT

See how beautiful these eyes are? Gosh.



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