I love you Fourteen!

I know this is my first Bu Bu Jing Xin post but I found something so wonderful and sad it just had to be first.

This is Lin Geng Xin‘s debut drama and I thought it was pretty strong and a memorable role, I hope you continue to pick great projects!:)

Anyways who would have thought Fourteen always felt so sad and in love with Rou Xi (Liu Shi Shi)? Well here’s the poem to prove it!

Fourteenth’s Love Letter to Rouxie
By Cutzie

The first time I saw you
Was when we were both young.
Full of hope, full of life:
Not knowing our own ending.

The first time I liked you
Was when you sang for my brother.
But you had too many admirers,
And my feelings weren’t as strong as theirs.

The first time I loved you
Was when I snuck into camp.
You tugged on my beard and laughed happily,
Then later saved my life, risking your own.

But you already had the love of my brother,
So I suppressed my feelings and called you, “sister-in-law.”

The first time I hated you
Was when you rejected that love.
The love that I gave way for,
The love that I lost to.

You hurt him, and you hurt me.
For if his love meant nothing to you,
What does that said about mine?

Years passed, and Fate allowed us to be married.
But Destiny forbaid us to be lovers.
You had once asked me
If I knew what longing felt like.

I now do.
For although you laid here in my arms,
Your heart and soul are miles away.

Rouxi, in your next life,
Will you remember me?

And the mv to back it up!XD

Credit: spcent.tv


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