Drama Freakish-ness

I love watching dramas, but nowadays I just got super lazy and never watched all the good ones! I just recently finished Secret Garden, City Hunter, Sungkyukwan Scandal, and the other good ones over THIS summer, SMH. But I was just looking around Youtube and found some dramas I already watched and OMFGGGGAHHHHHHHHHHH, I wanna watch them again!!!! One of them is My Lucky Star! OMGG, I LLOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEE Jimmy and Hana’s chemistry! They’re so perfect for each other! I also love the fact that she’s Korean, keke. But anyways, I just miss watching that drama. My heart hurts every time I watch his brother get into the car accident with Hana ToT It’s so sad 😦 But then I also hated how it kinda dragggged when they Jimmy and Hana meet again. It was kinda long, but then I made it through! I also LOVED the theme song for My Lucky Star. It perfectly matches Jimmy and Hana’s story 😀

Jimmy & Hana 🙂

[Our Memory] Theme song for My Lucky Star

This is seriously an amazing drama. Chemistry is just beautiful. The love story makes you cry ToT  Go watch if you haven’t already 😛


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