I’m in love with NAMCHA(‘s voice)!!!


So it’s been a while since i’ve posted something up. We’re all really busy especially since we’re seniors and try our best to post up things here.

I found a new obsession today!! YES! it’s Namcha Chiranat’s voice!!! My first time seeing her was in her recent lakorn call PIMMALA staring Aum Atichart, Rita Sirita, Ploy cherman, Namcha, and Nam Ronadech. I wasn’t really fond of her and all that stuff but she is a good actress (SHE’S FREAKEN SKINNY!!). And the lakorn was ok. I wanted RITA to be the main character but, *tears* she was the angel instead. Anyways, Namcha sang a song for this lakorn. and i didnt know it was her until i was searching youtube. and i have to say, her voice is B E A U T I F U L.
Her voice made me fall in love with her. I think i prefer her as a singer though. Maybe i should watch another of her new lakorn. well, here’s a song from her.—->


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