WOW WOW WOW….i didn’t imagine this news to come by so soon. The gorgeous Aff Taksaorn is already having future wedding plans with her long time boyfriend boyfriend Songkran Techanarong for next year!! i dont find these two couple appealing whatsoever but still surprised i guess…

Aum Atichart, friend and co-star of ‘Roy Mai (Trace of the Silk)’ of ‘Aff’Taksaorn Paksukcharean is surprised by her wedding plans with her long time boyfriend Songkran Techanarong for next year.

“News of Nong Aff’s wedding, surprised me a little. Because we see each other often and I would ask her and she would answer not for a long time. I did send her a congratulation message. Regardless, I am happy for Aff,” said Aum.

From Vicky to Chai and Aff to Songkran, everyone is getting married, but for Aum he has no plans for marriage with his long time love Nat Myria.

Source: Rakdara


CREDITS TO: lyns lakorn blog —> 

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