Bu Bu Jing Xin:After Thought

I promise someone I’ll be blogging soon,so a round-up of posts will be coming up soon!:)

I love BBJX so much, never have a Chinese drama made me so sad, loved and hated characters so much. To tell the truth I hate Qing dramas with the ugly bald cut on the guys and heavy  hairpieces and big costumes on the ladies. However this was a different story I looked beyond the outfits and found a gem this year.

Spoilers ahead.


I love the relationships the story has and how well connected they are to each other. The brotherhood and love stories to the best friends and families, the story was able to depict in just a 35 hour series.

I wanted to start the post with the soon-to-be gone love within the 9 princes. Oh how I wish the could stay in the moment and grow up but sadly after a fatefully day no one can turn back.

4 prince and 13 prince are half -brothers but still best-friends, no words are needed to be said between them. They are able to  understand each other just with movements and emotions.

However 8 prince does have a gang of his own consisting of 9 prince, the dorky 10 prince, and 14 prince. They’re different from 4 prince and 13th, in which words are needed to be said but they still love each other as much as 4 love 13 and vice versa.

But we can’t forget our main lead RouXi and her relationship with her buddies. Yutan is considered RouXi best friend and I can see why,being so close since young. It sad to see her betraying Rouxi for someone else but that’s different.

The relationship between the sisters of Maertai and Guoluoluo was so honest and genuine. They loved each other so much and the support they gave each other was felt throughout the drama.

I felt like 13 prince and Rouxi will end up kissing at any moment when they were together,but too bad they’re just platonic best friend who are depicted as torn soul mates. Hmph.

However he also had his own handful relationships with the Mongolian princess Minmin  and a known courtesan Lu Wu. It was sad when Minmin did a goodbye dance for him and sang along with the tune of his flute before she got married with another prince. Too bad 13 prince never loved her the way she did with him. It was sad when the author of the novel said Minmin is the luckiest who saw 13 prince when he was still his calm spirited self instead of how he was after his imprisonment. 13 prince ‘s true love was Lu Wu who went through thick and thin with him and later secretly passed away leaving him only with a child. He went searching day and night for her and got drunk and so depressed later,everyone had to tell him a lie just to secure him.

14 prince was the one who got with Rouxi at the end but their relationship still saddens me,if only she was in love with him will everything been okay from the start.

I still can’t get over the fact that 8 prince never was really in love with Rouxi but actually just loved her because she was the closest thing that resemble Roulan Rouxi’s sister, who couldn’t love 8 prince back. I feel sad for both Rouxi and 8 prince though,one loving her own sister’s husband, and the other who is is love with a person who can’t love them back. Tears. I still wish 8 prince and Roulan had more romantic scenes together though.Hmph.

Even though 4 prince and Rouxi’s relationship didn’t seem as romantic as hers with 8 prince but I felt they were more in love and understanding to each other than she ever was with 8 prince.  I cried when she and 4 prince departed and couldn’t even see each other before death. 4 prince made me cry along with him when he realize Rouxi is gone and well not come back. Akkk!The scene cut my heart open.

The cast did a wonderful job and I thought all of them fit their roles perfectly even if  I had my doubts in the beginning.Thank you to the staff for bringing such a beautiful story to life.:)


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One thought on “Bu Bu Jing Xin:After Thought

  1. I’ve watched this show but I couldnt stand watching it more than 6 EP. It’s just too soap opera for me…all the guys (well most of them) had to fall in love with the leading female character (Ruxi) you know this won’t happen in real life especially when it comes with YongZheng and Liu ShiShi…she is a very good actress but isn’t Ruxi supposed to gorgeous ? But Liu ShiShi … She is cute but not that gorgeous.I mean Yes she is pretty but not beautiful , comparing to another actress like Kwan ZhiLin,Li Jia Xin ,Jia Jing Wen,Zhao Wei ,Ruby Lin.Sorry BBJX fan but it’s just my opinion.

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