Can You Hear My Heart?


Can You Hit Hear My Heart is a drama I stop halfway not because it bored me out of my mind but because I had enough spoilers that my tear ducts might swell up.This is a beautiful drama that I love and will end up buying.

The story is amazing in every way possible but since I ave not since it to the fullest I will keep my comments to myself tell then but for now my opinions on what’s going on.

This guy is amazing cute,sweet, and I love him every little bit possible,

this guy I’m taking my sympathy from him away,oh I love you so much because we connected but you had to ditch your family and become a stupid revenge weapon not even seen to yourself, butt-head.

This girl how can you become anymore sweeter than you are sweetie I love the reationships you have and love tat you fell in love with the right guy at the right time and accepted any situtions you are in.

Oh!This couple breaks my heart even when the other half doesn’t eve know what;s going on, I adore him to peices.I

I’m still getting over the fact that his other half had to be kill just so the plott can move and for everything to be in places.

Grr drama, how can you do this to me!?I know I didn’t mention so other charachters but I’ll saved them for my afterthought posts.:)




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