The Miracle Of Love


How should I start this?The fact that I dislike Mart and his stiff acting and only got pass three of his lakorn which to me is quite surprising, and this might be the fourth. I like the rest of the cast and this seems like a decent lakorn.

What I made me more intrugie in watching this was a teaser that I thought made art look cool.Heh.Maybe I’m going crazy?

Kimberly and Mart seems to have decent chemistry nothing surprise but the second leads are so cute. I think I’m having deja ve here?Alex and Mint are like Nadech and Yaya in DJA minus the mistaken one night stand.I love them so much and I hope this is a project that will heighten both their careers which they totally deserve.

And a summary of the lakorn!

Nichamon Chutiman (“Kim” Kimberly Voltemas) lost her parents and returns to Thailand to seek her grandparents to apologize in turn of her mother. Along the way, several unlucky events leads her into pretending to be housekeeper Pranom Sponserb in the Nareusorn Farm and discovers a vicious feud between the two neighboring farms rooted in Chaiburathut (“Smart” Krissada Pornweroj). Because Thut saw a signed document exchange between his father and the neighboring Sonalai farm owner, he believes that the Sonalais are responsible for swindling money from his dad and ultimately driving his dad to his death. Nichamon finds out that her grandfather died three years ago, so she takes up her housekeeper identity to find a way to meet her grandmother. Pimnareumon (“Mint” Chalida Wijitwongtong) and Rawipaat (“Alex” Alexander Rendell) of the separate feuding farms like each other but must guard their hearts. As Nichamon gets thrown into the mix, she starts to help Paat’s and Nammon’s love along with investigating about her grandmother but Thut proves to be the biggest road block. [Credit: smash with]

And for some cute behind the scenes,



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