ROY MARN: Don’t Marry Me!!


So, I’ve just finished watching ROY MARN last week and i fell in love with Margie Rasri and Boy Pakorn all over again!! Margie’s character, Bee, was a loud and childish girl yet so smart. But as the lakorn progresses, she will become more mature. On the other hand, Boy, who played as Mark aka Upama, was a mature guy. He’s easy going you can say:). But has a weakness to L O V E…hahhahah…yes Bee and Mark (margie and boy) was forced to get married (summary- to clear off debts. Mark was supposed to get married to Bee’s cousin May (Bella Vanita), who was smart and selfish and mean and conceited, but sadly she got raped and kidnapped by her childhood friend who was in love with her for a long time. Stuff happened here and there and Bee and Mark ended up falling in LOVE. Yes it was a really sweet thing that had happened^_^. You just gotta love Margie and Boy in here>_<. BARGIE!!! 

Margie played her role really well. In the beginning she was a little annoying because she was stubborn and annoying but I can guess why Margie played it that way. After she fell in love with Mark, her character did not change but her childish ways changed and she became more quiet (margie didnt really have a lot of lines towards the end of the lakorn-__-)

I have to say, Boy was really sexy in here. If you watched him in WAYUPAK MONTRA and compared his character LOM to his character MARK, it’s a total difference. Mark was really mature (besides the fact that he likes to tease/play around with bee).

ANYWHO!! After watching ROY MARN, I became a fan of BARGIE!! and hope to see more of them in the future. But before they come back to reunite together again, I would like to see them with different Thai actor/actress. But for now, i’ve became a fan of Bargie once again>_<. Hopefully in their next lakorn together it’ll be a REALLY dramatic, slap/kiss lakron. For now, i’ll just wait^_^


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