ROY MARN: favorite scene>_<


Like i said in my last post, I’ve fallen in love with ROY MARN (Margie and Boy).

I have to say, This lakorn probably has the BEST willing scene between n’ek and p’ek ever!!! Yesm Boy and Margie had a willing scene and it’s my FAVORITE out of the whole lakorn. 

It started a little bit like this:

 Bee (margie) was taking some time away from all her problems like: finding out that May (bee’s cousin/sister) is pregnant and Mark is the father (false alarm) and the divorce between her and Mark. It’s torturing her because she’s already in love with him at this point and also it’s torturing Mark because he’s also in love with her. Anyways, she decides to divorce with Mark because she “pities” her cousin (she’s just playing hard to get:))
ANYWAYS! She decides to get a break from all these dramas by going to stay at her uncle’s (Mark’s dad) condo in Hua Hin before she signs the divorce paper with Mark.
At this point, Mark is heartbroken and devastated and can not let go of Bee. So, *takes deep breath* he follows her to Hua Hin the day before the sign the paper!!

Bee was in the bedroom packing for the next day when she heard a knock on the front door. She goes to open it and to her surprise, it was MARK!!!!
She was shocked to see him and just stood in front of the door way.

Mark: (goes to hug Bee) I have something to tell you before it’s too late. (he is now crying really hard)
Bee: Still shock and standing still and crying>_<
Mark: …I don’t know when this happened but….I think I’m secretly in love with you….Is it ok if i stay with you tonight…(that wasnt a question for Bee to answer.)
Bee: She then finally hugs him tightly too^_^

On the bed,  he holds her in his arms and tells her that he doesnt want the night to end and wished they stayed like that forever…the most sweetest words ever!! (I LOVE BOY!!) then he leans in to kiss her!!and that’s when they did it…
but it’s funny how she doesnt end up pregnant…maybe Mark used protection??



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