Deep-Rooted Tree…#2 !

I’ve decided that recapping the whole story for Deep Rooted Tree is absolutely impossible, so just gonna recap the scenes I LOVE in this amazing drama! If you’ve seen the drama up until now, which is episodes 13-14, you’re good! πŸ™‚

Favorite scene# 1:

The Queen’s father waits for execution w/ Ddol-bok’s father

I thought this scene was extremely sad and caring. After Ddol-bok’s mentally challenged father was struck on the head harshly, both him and the Queen’s father were dragged to the execution area. When Ddol-bok’s father wakes up, he’s disappointed in himself that he could not do his task right and he starts crying, saying that he needs to see his son one last time before he dies. He asks the Queen’s father, on behalf of him, to write his son his last will. The Queen’s father takes his words and asks a guard to bring him paper and ink. This is what I love: the guard said that he can’t bring him paper and ink, but then the Queen’s father bravely answers “Though I am here as a criminal, I am still the Queen’s father and I demand you to do so! ” Oh yeah πŸ™‚ Though the Queen’s father is a criminal, at least he’s not a bad one; he’s very caring and even when he’s about to die himself, he still takes his generosity to write the will on Ddol-bok’s father’s behalf πŸ™‚

Favorite scene #2:

Ddol-bok applying rouge onto Dam’s lips

One of the cutest scenes between our lovely hero and heroine πŸ™‚ I love this scene because this clearly shows that these two lovey doveys have sparked something in them (LOVE! :D) Ddol-bok stole a partially broken, luxurious rouge from the palace and gave it Dam as a little gift. Damn is extremely excited and this is where Dam gives Ddol-bok a hand-sewn pouch made from leftover scraps of silk from the Queen’s clothing. There’s a word “blessing” on the pouch and here we learn that Dam has extremely good memory while Ddol-bok completely is impressed that she could read (which leads him to leave her a very traumatic experience) 😦

Favorite scene #3:

Ddol-bok blaming Dam for reading the letter incorrectly

Uh-oh. This is where the traumatic experience starts. After alot of chaos, the peasants were jailed along with Dam and Ddol-bok. Before-hand, there was a secret letter issued by the King that could have saved everyone from being jailed and killed. Dam was the one who read the letter and Ddol-bok had assumed she read it correctly. But why are they all in jail if she read it correctly? What happened to Ddol-bok’s father? Questions like these were asked by Ddol-bok to Dam and Ddol-bok, being extremely upset and disappointed, blamed Dam for their situation 😦 Dam could not answer and sat there letting Ddol-bok blame her, thus resulting in her not being able to speak later on.

Favorite scene #4:

Ddol-bok’s father, near death

This scene was very. very sad. I think it’s even wrong to call it a ‘favorite’ scene, but this scene caught me so good! Right after Ddol-bok blamed Dam, the guards bring in Ddol-bok’s half-dead father. His father grasps his will in his hands and calls out to Ddol-bok. Ddol-bok is definitely shocked to see his father like this and cannot even come close until a few seconds later. Ddol-bok’s father gives him the will and shortly dies. Ddol-bok, enraged and extremely overwhelmed by his father’s wronged death, screams out “Who did this to you? ” Ddol-bok cries out so sadly that it made me feel so much pain inside 😦

Favorite scene #5:

Taejong draws the sword onto Lee Do’s neck

OMFG, probably one of the BEST SCENES EVER in this drama! I love love love love love love love LOVE how Song Joongki did this part! After Lee Do and Mu Hyul saves Ddol-bok, King Taejong, former king and father of Lee Do, comes in the scene with a small pack of soldiers. Taejong questions why Lee Do would save a slave’s son who is also a slave for the traitor (Queen’s father who was executed earlier). Lee Do boldly answers by stating all of his uncles, his comrades and his people who his father had killed just for power. Taejong ignores this and commands his soldiers to get the kid (Ddol-bok) and kill him. Before getting Ddol-bok, Lee Do furiously, and I mean FURIOUSLY, command the soldiers to not move a single step (heart flutters from Joongki’s amazing acting :D) He boldly yells out “Former king is not the king! I am the king! I, Lee Do, am the king of Joseon!” His father is taken aback just a little bit, but he continues to urge his soldiers to get Ddol-bok out. Lee Do draws out his own sword and asks his father to kill him too. Taejong, seeing this as a big bluff, picks up the sword and points it close range to his neck. Lee Do then claims that he will make a better Joseon, no killing, no violence. Taejong asks him how it will be like and what are his plans, to which Lee Do could not answer precisely. Seeing that even when Lee Do didn’t have a plan, Taejong lets him off and he leaves with his soldiers. I can replay this scene again and again and just never get bored. So intense! (Not to mention looking @ Song Joongki too) ;D

Favorite scene #6:

Lee Do telling his father his Joseon will work

A few years later, Lee Do has a mustache! πŸ˜€ But this scene is very simple; I love it because Former king Taejong is dying. Yay!

Favorite scene #7:

Lee Do telling Dam that he’s sorry for everything

The drama up to this point was already in the present but this scene is just a flashback to when Dam first entered the palace as a court lady/servant. The Queen saved Dam from soldiers and she brought Dam to the palace. This is when Dam couldn’t speak anymore 😦 The Queen explained that Dam’s family was killed during the chaos and she had no where to go. Lee Do calmly and apologetically tells Dam that he’s sorry for everything. That he couldn’t do anything at all to save anyone. Tears, sniff sniff. How can an incredibly handsome and cute guy like Joongki act so goddamn well? ❀

Favorite scene #8:

Kang Chae Yoon hallucinating his father beside him

And my most recent favorite scene here in episode 13! Kang Chae Yoon (Ddol-bok) is lost on what to do now because he’s already lost to Soyi (Dam) and his father. Kang Chae Yoon silently drinks rice wine at the stream where his father and him used to go. Kang Chae Yoon looks up and sees his father, clean, healthy and happy. His father tells him that nothing in the world is going to go as he wants. Everything is going to be complicated, even for the King. Kang Chae Yoon then sees Dam’sΒ  father drinking rice wine and telling him that crying wasn’t going to get him anywhere. If he wanted to continue crying, let him live that way. Kang Chae Yoon then listens on and laughs at the bickering and silly arguments his dad and Dam’s father continues at. Kang Chae Yoon stands up and wanted to dance with his father but suddenly they are gone, and he realizes it was just a hallucination. He finally lets go of Ddol-bok and renews himself as Kang Chae Yoon.

*Sigh* what a lovely, intense, amazing, incredible drama. The adjectives that can describe this drama can go on, but it’s getting late so I’ll continue on with some more favorite scenes! πŸ™‚


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