GRPGR:First Impressions

I have no words to express the wonderfulness of this drama.I marathon a third of it already, I think? Also the banner above is credited to whoever the owner is,I found it on google and find it very lovely.:D

Spoilers ahead!BE WARN.

Truth to be told before I start I like Yaya,but don’t love her as much as the other rising startles in her generation. I feel like she can only act certain roles. running away and hiding  However I like her Nangfah  and she reminds me alot of my other favorite leading character, the dear Gu Miho. Anywho onwards with the lakorn.

I had plans for watching this drama and so glad I put this under the radar because I didn’t want it to disappoint me. But it went above and beyond. I love this paring since DJA and didn’t expect will maybe I did to see them pair up so fast.

Nadech and Yaya are great in depicting two different characters throughout this drama and yes they’re the opposite of each others, leaning more towards Nadech’s characters though.  The times on the island are the sweetest and somehow might be the only happy times throughout this lakorn. Somebody's getting brainwashed.

Sad to know that Fah ( I going to start referring Yadech to their characters now) has a bitchy, evil,two-face sister who going to lie to her just so you can get the inheritance and her sister’s man Charles/Saichon. I love Nangfah and Saichon’s  love towards each other ,and loved Charles and his wicked love for Fahlada. Don’t they have like the prettiest names? Anyways I feel bad for P’ Mor since his Prae ( Fah’s sister) never seem to love him from the start.

I hate Fahlada in a way and can’t wait till she sees her sister the way everyone sees her maybe even P’Mor so she can stop pleasing her and know that Charles was her man to start with. Hmph. I can for tell the futre Charles your punching the wrong person.Hint:It suppose to be Prae.

But for now I think Charles is fighting with the wrong person P’Mor and not Prae maybe cause I didn’t’ watch that far in yet but then again GRPGR is pretty fast in pace so I cross my fingers to see it happen soon.

Since I’m already caving in to the second half I realize that Charles is going to become a veryvery angry man and I see the Game Rai coming into the picture, so funnn.HehYup Nangfah got's his heart.Now start working on how you can get it Fahlada!I know Charles she's not Nangfah.

The only thing that I still can’t get out of my mind from reading spoilers ahead is that Fahlada won’t love Saichon /Charles as much as Nangfah did and it kills me inside that Fahlada will always had deja vus leaving Charles the only one left with memories. Ughhh.  Charles word’s will forever stay in my head ” There’s already an owner to my heart” and later ” Her name’s Nangfah” Yup.Throughout this drama I’ll be on ship Saichon/Nangfah/Charles if that even exists.

Now for some pretty.

Photos Credit to Spicyforum

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