Oh!My Legend

First of all this is a very beautiful drama I tell you.Very. Second,the only reason I continue watching this is because it reminds me of a dear old friend.Third I only watch up until episode 4, the reason being because I dislike the actors. Yes this is just my impression so far.

Legend feel like the korean version of HSaDS to me, maybe  not as good. Both dramas that I appreciate.I admit I love the childhood portion of Legend but didn’t like it that much in HSaDS.

Anyways the ZWJ of the show is awesome kidwise, not so much the adult version.

Yoo Seung Ho plays the kid, while Mr.Bae Yong Jun plays the adult. I loved Damdoek so much when he was little and tried to protect his father who was getting poison,but BYJ ruin it for me as the older version, I felt like he played the role with an aura of  a person who thinks they’re too good for the whole world.

The ZZR whose name in here is Seo Ki Ha is played by Park Eun Bin who I think did an okay job, and Moon Soori who kill the role not in terms of looks but character. I thought they’re would’ve been a more beautiful actress to played the role since multiple guys fall in love with her,but MSR made it known to be beautiful inside and out.

Our ZM whose portray as  Sujini is played by Shim Eun Kyung who I thought was perfect for this role, I loved her better than PEB but her adult counterpart couldn’t live up to her acting.However this is the only role I ever like Lee Ji Ah in even if I kinda did hate her.

However the characters reminds me of HSaDS but are actually different in they’re own right. DD is more quiet than ZWJ and love by two women instead of five. SJ is brought up in a poor -living condition but has the feisty  attitude of ZM not so much the brain. Our KH who reminds me of ZR because  she loved by many guys and became DD’s first love even though she became the mother of his child. Her character like ZZR is depicted to be much prettier than SJ like ZM.

To tell the truth I wanted to see KH and DD become the OTP of this drama since they were so in love since little.But fate is mean and made her get raise up by the bad guy while SJ is raise up by the good guy. Urgh. It ironic the words of DD when he was young ” Ki Ha, you have to be by my side forever” not waiting for her opinion but like demanding it because inside the palace she is the only person he trusts and later on she’s the person he dislikes.

It funny how both the women he love are sisters not even known to each other since they’re separated when young. Oh Korean dramas.

But we can’t forget the awesome second lead who’s so evil because he stupid and thought his best friend kill his mother when it was her,who wanted him to believe everything. He look feminine in the beginning, I swear, but gets more attractive as an adult.Heh.

We can’t forget about the story itself which differs greatly from HSaDS telling about the  Joo Shin king who will come to Earth and with the help of the four gods, he will rebuild Joo Shin. Quite a storyline,right? I didn’t even bother watching it even when I had it for about three years.Yup.

The thing that attracted me to watch the dram was a scene where KH put a sword through DD so the second lead wouldn’t,that scene kill me I was so shocked because KH was going to kill herself afterward. The purpose of it was she didn’t want him to end up hating anyone but her because she lied to him from the beginning but it’s ironic, he came to hate her afterward. The seems to me like a HSaDS dejavu?!Without the force killing.

It sad to know that in here history repeats itself and the mother of DD’s son will become a black phoenix and destroy the world. If you watch closely in the first generation SJ’s Saeoh in the past was the black phoenix and in the second generation KH became the black phoenix it’s a symbolic thing in the drama. There is two phoenix the red one and black.

Before I leave you guys for the night we can’t forget the three other gods!

The Turtle

The Tiger

The Dragon

P.S This has the coolest CG ever.

Photo Credit to Google


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