3 Num Neau Thong: 3 Golden Men


It’s been a while….so, let’s get straight to the point:)
I have watched the first episode of  3NNT and I just fell instantly in love with Kimberly Voltemas as Arunsri and Mark Prin as Kritchai.
Before watching the lakorn, i was really disappointed to hear that Mark and Kimberly was paired off together. I didn’t think they matched each other since Kimberly did look older than Mark. I was also disappointed on how the cast was paired off. Ken Phuphoom was paired with Toey Jarinporn, Boy Pakorn was Paired with Marie Broenner, Mark was paired with kimberly.
I wanted Boy and kimberly together, Mark and Toey, Ken and Marie.
But, Now that i have seen the first episode of 3NNT, Kimberly and Mark are SOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!
Mark was so in love with Kimberly but so sad she has a bf:(
How mark portrayed his character was so cute and dorky. It is funny how later on, Kimberly starts thinking he is gay!! LOL

I actually want Mark and Kimberly to be a kookwan…but i noticed on spicyforum.net that not a lot of peeps are fond of the two being together. The two have another lakorn together and a lot of people are not satisfied (but i am^_^)
I mean, Nadech and Yaya have like Three lakorns together one after another and no one seems to complain. Like, i havent seen nadech with other n’eks.

anywho, that will be it for now:)



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