Let’s SECRET Time!!!!


I have an addiction lately>_<!!! Let’s SECRET Time…..

SECRET is a Korean Group in in Korea (duh)…anyways, i have been so OBSESSED with their songs lately and I extremely love all four singers in the group!!
I especially love all their MV’s because it’s so energetic. Such as Madonna, Shy Boy, Magic, and Starlight Moonlight.
My favorite from them is Magic. The song and MV is so sexy. I listen to it everyday (almost) and i even tried to dance with them…LOL…
Check out this group people!! It’s worth the time. They are not so famous internationally yet but these girls are getting there. They’re expanding their fame to Japan now too and I just cant wait til they come to California!!!
SECRET have some slow songs too.  Just search for it^_^


1. Jun Hyo Seong – The leader and oldest of the group. I love this girl. She’s so cheezy and has the smile of a little cute baby. I personally thing Hyo Seong is the most energetic in the MVs. She dances a lot and lets her fans and audience feel her passion for singing.

2. Zinger(Jang Ha Na) – This girl can Rap. she’s the Rapper of the group. I love Zinger too. She looks tomboyish but this girl can show you her girly side any time.

3. Song Ji Eun – She’s the main vocalist. I like JiEun the most out of all of them. She’s not as energetic in her MVs but she has the voice of an angel (i think so). She has her own songs too (dont know why) maybe because she’s the main vocalist so they make her debut one or two songs. The most famous one is GOING CRAZY. check it out. you’ll love it:)

4. Han Sun Hwa – SUNHWA!!! she’s so SKINNY!!! the skinniest too. Im so jealous. She has this really bright and bubbly complexion which really catches my attention.

Im not such a big fan of Korean stuff but i have to say, i’m really addicted to this group. I think it’s because of their catchy beat and their force of energy.

“you are my shy shy shy boy, oh oh oh my boy”^_^


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