OGURI SHUN MARRIED!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!


IM SORRY. I, at this moment, am TOO surprised to even say “hello moonlights!!”
I am probably late by now but i just recently got this news TODAY from LUNADARA(thank you very much for ruining my day). Anyways, Oguri Shun is married to his girlfriend, now his wife, Yamada Yu. I am very much surprised. I loved him so much and he’s such a great actor and I loved him as Detective Conan and no one can ever replace him in my heart. It’s too bad that he and I are of different world and will never meet *TEARS*

I am still happy for him. He has found the one that he truly loves (hopefully). My dear Oguri-Kun, you and I shall meet in the next life time and become one heart and live together in harmony.

She’s not that bad (jkjk)
Jealous Much? She’s GORGEOUS!! 

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