Game Rai Game Ruk: My Impressions

An unforgettable love story, one so pure and innocent  I tell you not. Well only the first half it gets so crazy not Sawan Being crazy but you’ll break some sweat. I fell in love with the main guy over and over again. Nadech can make you suffocate like that. But truly this is a show worth watching if you skip all the n’rai stuff.Lol.

I love the pure love that is shown to us through Saichon and his Nangfah. Sometimes it shows us what really love is and how we all end up fighting for it through hell and back. The first time I watch this I only saw the first and last episode. I thought this was bleh,your typical Thai lakorn. But after recently  finishing the one thing with my mother I realize it really draws you in with the power of Saichon’s love. No lies.

It broke my heart when Saichon and Nangfah separated and her evil, beautiful sister told her stupid, handsome, doctor boyfriend to make her “better”. Because apparently Nangfah is “crazy”?Well despite everything after 3 years Saichon *cough* Charles *cough* finally found his Nangfah, who’s real name is Fahlada (I always wonder why her names are so pretty?)

Fahlada can become annoying and one role I hated seeing Yaya in. If she wasn’t Nangfah, I’ll shoot her in a heartbeat. This leads our Saichon into this crazy revenge against her,causing quite the frustration.

Too bad Nangfah thinks her husband is the evil guy,who lies to Saichon that Nangfah wants to forget their  memories. And the prize for most hated character is Fahlada Chompoo Prae,the evil adopted sister. She so obsessed with Saichon, I meant her Khun Charles that she ditches her oh so handsome doctor fiancee (yes,they’re engaged later) for.

Long story short, the ending to dramas makes me either love or hate it, and I love and hate the ending to this story. Let’s start with bad news. One, evil sister doesn’t go to jail or die. Two, Fahlada loves her sister till the end  even after all the bitch things she does. Three, Handsome doctor boyfriend still loves evil sister. Good news, despite trying to run away because she knows she won’t remember the memories and the person she was that fell in love with our Saichon, our Saichon still loves her for that deeply. Oh drama,you make me go crazy.



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