You don’t know anything,

That is until you lost the one you love. And that’s what our main guy realize when he reads a lost love-letter from his first love. Operation Proposal still makes me stand on my feet even after watching the original Japanese version which I cherishes really much,being one of my first Japanese dramas.

The story is simple, a man time travels back to the past to win back his first love. Since he realize you don’t know what you lost until it’s gone,which really means you knew exactly what you had, you just thought you’d never lose it. This drama relates back to this saying so much,it hurts.

The actors really did their part in making this drama come to life in it’s own way different from the original. The chemistry is so good between the actors that you’ll cringe when someone’s heart gets broken. Which is literally every episode.I have to give props for the screen writers in making this drama very memorable even till the end when it became too makjiang.

Sometimes I want to hit our main guy, Baek-ho in the head for everytime he goes back in time because of words he couldn’t say.However you can’t put the blame on him at all, because his other half really is his childhood friend, Yi Seul. The words she says to him comes true at every turn and is still stuck in my head,” Baek-ho,you don’t know anything at all” It really should just be the headline or this drama.

We can’t leave out the friends that completes this story,and shows what friendship is. We have the short stud, who loves the popular girls till the end of the world. The popular girl who loves her fame till she grows brains, and the handsome guy that keeps them together. And the coach that kept our main pairing apart.

I love how the story is told thoroughly which makes you care for all the characters despite them being flawed. At the end which makes me cares so much is that not only did our main guy, Baek-ho realize what he’s done wrong, our main gal, Yi-Seul does too.

One thinking the other is still there, while the other doesn’t have the faith to keep the love going. I don’t want to spoil anything anymore because this underrated drama really is worth watching.

Caps credited to javabeans


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