How to be the Main Girl of a MANGA!!!

  •  you are either a high school girl or a middle school girl.
  • even if you are in middle school, you will look like you’re 18 years of age.
  • if the main guy is shorter or younger than you, don’t worry, he’ll still be hot as hell and he’ll eventually grow taller.
  • dont worry if there is a guy in your school/class that is a total jerk and teases you the first thing he sees you. he’ll eventually fall head over heal for you and there will always be a reason for the way he acts.
  • you dont need to be afraid of getting fat. eat as much as you will and you will still be skinny.
  • your face or skin will always look pretty so no need for makeup.
  • no need to be scare that you will not find a boyfriend, you will meet your soul mate on the second page, he will steal your first kiss on the 10th page, you guys will fall in love on the 12th page and at the end of volume one, you guys will be going out. just be prepared to question if he really loves you on the third page of volume two.
  • dont worry if your main guy is a demon, you’ll always be able to tame him.
  • dont worry if your main guy is the most popular boy in school and all the girls fall for him. in the end, he will still chose you anyways.
  • go ahead and jump out of the window on the third floor of your school. you wont get hurt. you wont even have a scratch on your skin.
  • you’ll still survive even if you have no parents.
  • you’ll still get good grades in school even if you have three other part time jobs.
  • you’ll survive even if you drop out of high school.
  • you know how in real life you have homework everyday?…well, not here. all you have to do is think about the guy you like and your grades will be the highest in the class.
  • you will barely see your teacher or your family.
  • there is always a fair or festival in town and he will somehow get two free tickets and take you on a date there.


Well, that’s all for now. MORE TO COME!!


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