Skip Beat!:My Impressions

I don’t think I have fallen in love with a drama this much in a lonnnnggggggg time. There are not enough words to describe how I feel about this. I don’t even hate the bad guys.Well there aren’t really any bad guys. I just love all the main characters and the actors that played them.:) I’m not going to talk about the whole drama just the main characters and their relationships. Just to let you know the impressions were good eve if they are bad.

Let’s start off with the heart of the show, the mighty Gong Xi. I love how Ivy portrays the character of Kyoko. Not many will agree with me but I thought she did a great job. The fact that Ivy let go and became the character was pretty good. Choi Siwon also did an acceptably job at becoming Lian and proving that he can act and not just some idol actor. However I have to get it to Donghae as Shang though. He was the scene-stealer for me during the second half of the show. I miss him when he wasn’t on screen and love it when he wanted Gong Xi back.


I hated the fact that Gong Xi loved Shang enough to run away with him to support his career. When in the end he threw her out like nothing. Happily, when she got her revenge he realizes he did love her. The way he looks at her after he left her and saw what she became was a punch in the face and it was what he deserves.


The way Lian loves Gong Xi was…like her was different. It felt like he long for her and she finally came,despite the suppose age gap they seem perfect for each other. I just love them together, the way Gong Xi makes he break his shield and the way he protects and support her despite all else.


I believe Gong Xi had different types of loves towards her two men. If Shang wasn’t and asshole, Gong Xi would’ve stay with him even if she met Lian already. When he let her go everyone knew she wasn’t going to come back easily and maybe never.


All the characters in the show were great from the President of LME to Qin were great and glad they got pick to be in those roles. Now I’m just crossing my fingers for a Season 2 because of what the ending of Skip-Beat made me feel. MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!XD


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