NG Life: Past Vs. Present

I have finally finished reading the manga series NG Life (Nice Going Life) by Mizuho Kusanagi. It’s hard to express how much I love the manga. If you haven’t read it (i feel sad for you), go read my post about manga suggestions and I will have a summary of it there. Reading it made me happy and cry my heart out on the sad scenes. This manga is of course your happy ending shojo manga. But before the story ended, Keidai Saeki has to sacrifice the most important thing to him. His Past or his one true love, Mii Serizawa.

Let me start with my thoughts on all the major characters^_^
Keidai Saeki/Sirix: Who wouldn’t love the dorky stupid passionate idiotic main guy!!! I love keidai’s character and love how the dear author drew him. I feel the author did an extremely good job with Keidai’s face expression. Through out the story, Keidai’s character has shown happy, excited, sad, jealousy, etc.. emotions. If you’ve read the book, you would actually feel sympathy/pity for him. Keidai is so passionate about his past life in Pompeii with his beloved Serena and his one best friend Loleus that he tends to forget what he has in front of him in his present life. But despite all that, he still loves everyone around him. He was blessed with meeting everyone from his past life in the life that he has now. And that is his happiness: Having to meet everyone who he shared a special feeling with in Pompeii.

Mii Serizawa/Loleus: There’s a reason why Serizawa is Kei-chan’s best friend in both the past and the present (only now she’s a girl instead of a boy). Serizawa has no memories of her past life in Pompeii what-so-ever. But being keidai’s best friend, she learns of how special she is to Kei-chan and of her past self. It’s pretty obvious that she is madly in love with Keidai. But with Keidai so dorky and so in love with his Beloved Serena from the past, Serizawa has to suffer hiding her feelings in. She didn’t show a bit of emotion that she’s hurt by Kei-chan not looking at her as a friend. That’s what I love about her character. She is always by Keidai’s side through his problems. She tells herself that she’s fine with just being Keidai’s Friend for ever. If you look at how here eyes were drawn during those moments, you can tell that she’s telling the truth and not just saying stuff. At the same time, you can also tell that she can break down in tears any moment.

Yuuma Ujoh/Serena: Well, I feel sad for Yuuma. He has to go through his whole life looking like a sweet innocent girl when he’s actually really a boy in the present (this is also bad for keidai>_<). This little cute young fella fell in love with Serizawa too(i mean, who wouldn’t?). But too bad SErizawa is already in love with Kei-chan:). Poor Yuuma, he was rejected. This made him furious (in a good way). It motivated him to exercise and lift weights so that he wont look like a girl in any way. btw, he does not remember his past. Yuuma knows that Serizawa likes Kei-chan and Knows that Keidai likes Serizawa too. So he strongly encourages Kei-chan to grab his balls be a man and look after Serizawa although inside him hurts so much. But im glad that later on, he slowly gets over his feelings for her. Yuuma is so caring. I wouldnt mind dating Yuuma^_^ (but im too old for his age. he’s only in junior high!!).

Shinogu Kagami/Smyrna: Now here’s a hot student teacher in the present life and a sexy over-protective anti-boy older sister of Serena in the past life:). In the past life, Shinogu hated Sirix(Keidai) for courting her/his beloved younger sister Serena. And now in the present life, he still dislikes him. another thing, he’s Yuuma’s older cousin so another problem for Kei-chan (hehehe). Shinogu remembers his past life. This is what brings him and Keidai’s relationship closer to each other but at the same time, he cannot forgive Sirix/Keidai for leaving Serena all alone in the dark during the volcanic eruption in Pompeii. Since in the past, Symrna hated boys so much, she is reborn as a hot guy in the present (not to mention a pervert also). Although at times Shinogu seems like a cold hearted ignorant person to Keidai, he still really cares about him (in an aggressive way..LOL). That’s why I love this character as well. One thing that’s sweet about Shinogu is that he looks out for the girls like Yuuma and Serizawa (because they’re cute). Which really reflects out his past self where he was really overprotective of Serena.

Reina Sakakibara: A girl version of Yuuma. She looks exactly like Yuuma/Serena and also his age. I personally thought her character was really annoying when she first walks into the story. She was always crying and putting up a big fit (but she was a bit funny) and I thought she was going to be another girl who will fall in love with Keidai. But as the story progresses, her character tend to grow in my heart. I thought her character was really special compared to the other characters. Everyone thought that she wasn’t a part of the past but at the end of the story, we, the readers, finds out that her past self(tina) was the last one to stay by Serena’s side. I love how she and Yuuma gets along so well and hoped that they will fall for each other later on. After her annoying scenes when she first came in, her character really started to come out more. She’s really straightforward and openminded. She’s not scared of hurting other people’s feelings but at the same time, she cares for them a lot and say things to get people to realize stuff. For example, making Serizawa admit she likes Kei-chan^_^.

Shuna Sakakibara/Aglaia Felix: Reina’s older sister. This girl is straight up mature. She’s the same age as Keidai and Serizawa. In her past life, she was like the mother goddess whom everyone respects and loves. Shuna remembered her past life until one day when she suddenly forgets every bit of her beloved Pompeii and the people from it. You have just gotta love they way the author drew out Shuna. She’s a high school girl, but has this really mature and feminine touch that the readers can just grasp on the first scene that she pops up. She’s not really like a doll, but more like a young motherly figure. Although she looks mature and look like she knows a lot, she is an airhead who is most of the time really clueless-__-. She gets confused and hates it how everyone who remembers the past keeps seeing her as Aglaia (after she forgot her memory). It drove her nuts and wanted to be seen as Shuna and not Aglaia. Shuna is so sweet and innocent. I love love love her romantic love life with Souichi Mikage.

Souichi Mikage/Delos: This dude’s straight up hot. But was a straight up jerk in his past life and a little tiny bit of his present life (he remembers his past). In the past life, he was a guard for Lady Aglaia now Shuna. One day he betrayed her and if you read the story you would know what im talking about. But, because of him, Shuna forgot her memories. They are in love in the present and Shuna gave up her memories of the past for her love towards him. I hate it how Mikage can’t stand the fact that Shuna forgot her past. It was as if he loved Aglaia and not Shuna. So, because of the way he is, he has to suffer through Shuna’s “hard-to-get”. Eventually he learns to love Shuna for who she is and they have a happy ending together. Mikage doesn’t really talk much. He’s really laid back and acts like he doesn’t give a crap about other people. But he really does. Especially Shuna. After reading the manga, I can understand why Shuna fell in love with him even though he betrayed her at the last minute in the past.

Overall, I love all the characters of NG Life. Im really happy that I’ve finished reading the series but at the same time i feel sad cause it has ended (a happy kind of sad). But anywho, that’ll be it for now!!!



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