King of Baking,Kim Tak Gu:Scene Recap

The scene,maybe two, that I’m about to recap holds dear to my heart and my love for this drama despite the makjiang of all makjiang.

Here our leading lady, Yi Kyung (this is our leading lady folks according to dramawiki and casting list) is offically saying goodbye to our leading guy, Tak Gu forever.

Yi Kyung decides she’s is going to resign from working under Tak Gu’s father’s company and marry his half-brother Ma Jun instead.

This leads them both to a handshake and a firm hug, Yi Kyung saying she’ll hold him dear to her heart always and both of them nodding their heads in agreement.:(

An so she finally marries the pathetic brother of his with just his sisters and father dad’s friend as witness.

He later stupidly tells her his secret and leaves her to live with it while he party his jealous ass out at the club. However what he doesn’t know is this is what causes him to lose her for an entire 3 episodes.

She tells him that a part of her thought he really loved her. She continues with why she chose him and not Tak Gu and her regret.

Good thing a happy unsatisfying ending exist so their world wouldn’t be so craze-up.

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