How To Be A Main Guy (In the Manga World)


Yep, this a follow up post to dear MoonlightJoy’s post ( I felt like I haven’t been blogging for some time now, so this immediately popped into my head after so long; I don’t know why though, haha.

  • First step. Be HOT. I mean, like flamin’, sexy hot. Use above picture as reference.
  • You have to come from a rich family. And you have to become an heir to whatever your family owns. If you choose to do something else, you’re busted.
  • Only love a poor, young, kind and heartfelt main girl. Somehow, she attracts you in a way that doesn’t attract you to other girls.
  • Be a jerk. That’s how you get girls all lovey-dovey with you because of your aggressive and mean personality.
  • Make sure you did something in the past that traumatized you; that’s the main reason you’re a jerk.
  • Have long, sexy, blonde, grey, brown or black hair. It always works for the ladies.
  • If you’re not human, then please be a god. Or a demon. You better be a hot one too.
  • If you’re a demon, you gotta be the most powerful one and with the best looks. You have to fall in love with the main girl in a very forbidden way.
  • If you’re a god, it’s the same thing. Except you play a much more gentlemanly character. And you used to fall in love with another human girl. Your main girl right now can’t seem to replace her, but you manage anyways.
  • God; you have to give up everything to be with her. You can’t let her die.
  • Demon; you’re losing your powers. You have to be sexually intimate with her to regain them.
  • Back to being human; you have to be the most popular guy in school. If not, you’re still the best-looking one. If not, then you’re not qualified to be a main guy.
  • You have to skip school more than 5 times. It’s okay though, since your parents cover your ass every time.
  • Be a rebel. You don’t have to inherit everything your parents are gonna give you. That’s crazy talk right?
  • And your main girl is the reason why you’re not following your parents. She’s everything you need to survive in the big, big world out there.
  • You’ve got to cry in the middle of a series. That’s one way your main girl can comfort you and you two can love each other more.
  • Have your own place. Oh, and drive a motorcycle too.
  • Look after your girl carefully and all the time. For some reason, every other guy likes her as much as you did.
  • There’s always a scene where you need to save her from some psycho that kidnapped her. Bring a goddamn GUN.
  • Make the first move, like every other guy.
  • She can cook plain food for you to eat, and you can still enjoy them as if they’ve been your favorite ever since you were a little kid.
  • When you blush, make sure you cover your mouth with your palms and look away. She finds that cute. So does every other girl.
  • Be good in something. For example, basketball, guitar, cutting hair, singing.
  • Stay in high school. That’s where you start off anyways.
  • Get married during your junior/senior year with your main girl. You just can’t wait any longer after that. In some cases because she’s pregnant with your child.
  • There’s always ONE guy that’s fighting you to steal your girl.
  • And later on, you find out that he’s your step-brother Or half-brother.
  • Make sure your family has dark secrets. Thats why that other dude is your brother in the first place and it’s been, what? 100 years when you finally find that out.
  • Let your girl change you and who you used to be. Don’t worry, she’ll make you a better person even though all she did was saying VERY encouraging things to you.

Haha, Thats all for now. When I think of others, I’ll update again! 😀


6 thoughts on “How To Be A Main Guy (In the Manga World)

  1. Reading this list made me think of Black Bird (the points about demons), High School Debut (Yoh always looks away and puts his palm on his face when he blushes) and Hana Yori Dango (Tsukasa does pretty much everything else). Nice job!

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