What a blessing you were, Answer Me 1997

This is not a show to be mess with. It was so great beginning to end. I LOVE IT! Even though it didn’t have A-list stars or a great production value it was so alive and wonderfully made. This feels like the whole package if you wanted to sit at home and watch, marathon the whole thing. (I wouldn’t recommend it if it is your first watch, every bit and pieces is so great.)It would just be a pleasure.  Even if the acting has rough patches, the actors are able to give it their all and create lovable characters that you want to put in your pocket and run away with.:)

The story goes from the present tense to the end and uses voiceovers so great. It touches my heart because it all felt so real and I can imagine all this happening with real people.  It makes so undeceive and you won’t even be able to predict what the hell is going to happen next.

I don’t want to spoil anything because this drama is so great and it’s story is one that needs to be heard and watch. Have a good time, Answer Me 1997 will make you happy. 😀


I do not own any of the pictures, credit goes to owner


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