How to be the Main Girl (In a Korean Drama)

Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang, Heiress to PovertyPark Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang, Heiress to Poverty

I am bacckkkk! I promised that I’d be back with more of this series πŸ™‚

My last post with the “How To Be” series was how to be the main guy in the manga world. This time, it’s going to be the main girl in the Korean drama world! Now I know many people have done this so many times before and you will see many similarities between our points, but I hope it’s fun to read and hope you enjoy it!

  • First off, just be poor. No more to say.
  • Be poor, but also be the most mentally strongest girl anyone has ever met.
  • You have 2-3 jobs to barely pay for your tuition at school.
  • You always have a best friend/roommate that supports you no matter what happens.
  • You’re the center of attention. Every guy wants to have you because they want to.
  • You also have a best guy friend that always loves you, but you don’t love him back romantically. How dare you not like him back! Are you really that slow and freaking naive, you main girl?
  • You go to school with all of the characters in the whole drama series.
  • All of the other characters are rich; you’re the only poor one who got into the school because you worked your butt off.
  • You always have a mean relative that wants to tries to take care you.
  • When you meet your main guy, you guys start off bad. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s because of the magical accidental kiss.
  • Halfway through, you hate MG (Main Guy). But in your heart, you secretly like him (because of his personality). Pssh, you saw him shirtless before, just admit that you like him because of his body and face, goddamn it.
  • You have a sad, depressing past. Your parents died, you took care of yourself when you were at a young age, you live in a crappy apartment. You dream big, but it’s hard to achieve it because you are DIRT POOR.
  • And yet, you have nice clothing. Or you dress just as casual as how the rich people wear.
  • Halfway through, you will meet your MG’s fiance. Or bitchy ex-girlfriend. She’s also rich. And she wants to destroy you.
  • You are now in competition, but you have one thing she (ex-gf/fiance) will never have: strength and determination! (The struggle of a girl in poverty!)
  • Supposedly, you have been in love before. But it never really shows who you had a relationship with.
  • And your MG makes you feel like it’s your first time in love.
  • AND… I hate to admit it. Unless this is a really intense drama, going toward the more R-rated area…you are a REALLY bad kisser. (Warning: long rant below)
  • Seriously, you are SO FREAKING stoic when he kisses you. He does all of the head tilting and kissing, and you don’t even moves your lips AT ALL. By this time, you are a grown woman and your hormones should be reacting like crazy during this moment. How can you not move at all (besides closing your eyes)? And not even trying to wrap your arms around him while he kisses you?A kiss is not THAT electrifying,…is it?
  • And his kisses aren’t even that intense. A little more than a peck, but that’s all -____-
  • A little after halfway, you get to meet his parents mom or grandmother.
  • They are the epitomes of pure, evil. Evil I say!
  • They are rich, powerful women and they can do research about you faster than the government can.
  • They will plot an evil scheme…and bribe you to dump your MG.
  • You and your MG have an emotional break-up scene. He will grab your wrist and turn you around and he will tell you he loves you. You will fight back tears and coldly tell him that you never loved him.
  • As you walk away, you cry a river.
  • If this isn’t the scenario, you will deny the bribe and you will fight against his evil mom/grandma.
  • They will torture you until you reach HELL.
  • Much, much later on, you realize that you can’t live without your MG, so you confess that you love him too and you guys are all lovey-dovey.
  • Soon after, his evil mom/grandma will discover that they knew your parents before they died. Either they were business partners or they were good friends.
  • Either they make it worse for you or they forgive you and they let you love your MG.
  • At this time, everything turns ape sh*t. You discover that the bitchy ex-girlfriend earlier could have been your half-sister or step-sister.
  • In one scenario: Your parents that died weren’t your parents. They were adoptive parents. Your real parents are rich and powerful too, but they had a reason to abandon you.
  • In the end it gets emotional, but you end up with your MG. Yay!
  • And then the viewers realize that with all the chaos happening…it appears that you never had one piece of homework to do.

It has come to an end! If you have any suggestions, comment and I can add them! Hopefully, this wasn’t too long. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

P.S. This will be added to the “How To Be” page. Enjoy!


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