What College Feels Like

Hello, Hello, Hellloooo~ (Count Olaf reference anyone?…Probably not.)

Wowza! It’s been 1 year and half since we (moonlightjoy, lunadara, chicfairy) started this blog! I know we never started out big, but it was fun posting random, small stuff here. We would always mostly blog everyday, but it was only because we had time in the last 1-2 years. This year, all four of us bloggers are in college and we barely have the time anymore. Just writing this makes me miss blogging almost every day. College has taken a toll on us. Exams, midterms, jobs, MONEY and of course, THE TIME!

So how is college life? Meh. Not that exciting, but it’s good! It’s just that for me, I didn’t join any clubs or have a job yet, so it still feels very much like high school to me. Unlike the others, they have jobs and I feel like I’m doing something terribly wrong with my life -___-

College is really nice. Our campus is California State University, Sacramento. It sounds nice right? (Yeah, whatever. You guys probably go to Yale or something.) It’s really green and beautiful. The campus is growing smaller and smaller, though, because I’ve been walking around so much, haha. Just this past autumn, the campus was shrouded with falling leaves and it just gave an extremely serene vibe to the school. It’s very peaceful when it’s peaceful, but when it’s loud and wild and nice, it’s loud and wild and nice! I love my school 🙂 I’m blogging this in the Fall and it’s already getting a little cold. Need to get warmer clothes!

Classes are great. I’m in my third semester of college, but overall, my professors have been extremely kind and funny. The faculty around our school is really nice and patient with whatever you are concerned with and they care about you alot. That’s one thing I like about this campus (although, I hope I’m not exploiting too much. I only speak from experience.) Classes are big and small. Some are too small, some are way too big. But learning is the same!

I love the food courts here. So much good food. Don’t believe it when they say “Freshmen 15″…because it’s actually “Freshmen 50”. Trust me. Really.

In college, you really need to balance time. Time is so precious in college, I swear. It ranges from sleeping time, homework/study time, lunch time, class time, everything! Time, time, time everywhere. It never stops. I don’t know how my friends (the other bloggers here) manage their time to work their butts off. They must be suckers for time destroyer…jobs…yeah.

One luxurious thing I love about college is choosing our own classes. It is so freaking amazing. In my Spring 2013 semester, all of my classes were in the afternoon, which meant sleep in time for me in the mornings! School is basically a job, and it’s flexible with your schedule! Registering for classes, however, are extremely ANNOYING, OH MY GOD. I cannot express how frustrating it is. There are so many freshmen coming into our college that it’s really hard to get the classes you need. The competition and struggle is REAL! Darn freshmen.

There really isn’t much to say about college at all, honestly. In college, it’s all about freedom. You can do what you want in college. You don’t have to go to class (not encouraging this!) if you don’t want to, you don’t have to sit in the same seat in your classes, you can ride bikes around and do so much more. You don’t have to look fancy for anyone because in college, nobody gives a crap about you or how you look. Unlike high school, a stage where teenagers will judge you.

In the end, college is really just another school. You get in class, learn, and get out. That’s all there is. Responsibilities and priorities become emphasized during this time of life, but you just have to learn how to manage it all. That’s the college life!


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