How to be the Main Girl (In a Korean Drama)

Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang, Heiress to PovertyPark Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang, Heiress to Poverty

I am bacckkkk! I promised that I’d be back with more of this series 🙂

My last post with the “How To Be” series was how to be the main guy in the manga world. This time, it’s going to be the main girl in the Korean drama world! Now I know many people have done this so many times before and you will see many similarities between our points, but I hope it’s fun to read and hope you enjoy it!

  • First off, just be poor. No more to say.
  • Be poor, but also be the most mentally strongest girl anyone has ever met.
  • You have 2-3 jobs to barely pay for your tuition at school.
  • You always have a best friend/roommate that supports you no matter what happens.
  • You’re the center of attention. Every guy wants to have you because they want to.
  • You also have a best guy friend that always loves you, but you don’t love him back romantically. How dare you not like him back! Are you really that slow and freaking naive, you main girl?
  • You go to school with all of the characters in the whole drama series.
  • All of the other characters are rich; you’re the only poor one who got into the school because you worked your butt off.
  • You always have a mean relative that wants to tries to take care you.
  • When you meet your main guy, you guys start off bad. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s because of the magical accidental kiss.
  • Halfway through, you hate MG (Main Guy). But in your heart, you secretly like him (because of his personality). Pssh, you saw him shirtless before, just admit that you like him because of his body and face, goddamn it.
  • You have a sad, depressing past. Your parents died, you took care of yourself when you were at a young age, you live in a crappy apartment. You dream big, but it’s hard to achieve it because you are DIRT POOR.
  • And yet, you have nice clothing. Or you dress just as casual as how the rich people wear.
  • Halfway through, you will meet your MG’s fiance. Or bitchy ex-girlfriend. She’s also rich. And she wants to destroy you.
  • You are now in competition, but you have one thing she (ex-gf/fiance) will never have: strength and determination! (The struggle of a girl in poverty!)
  • Supposedly, you have been in love before. But it never really shows who you had a relationship with.
  • And your MG makes you feel like it’s your first time in love.
  • AND… I hate to admit it. Unless this is a really intense drama, going toward the more R-rated area…you are a REALLY bad kisser. (Warning: long rant below)
  • Seriously, you are SO FREAKING stoic when he kisses you. He does all of the head tilting and kissing, and you don’t even moves your lips AT ALL. By this time, you are a grown woman and your hormones should be reacting like crazy during this moment. How can you not move at all (besides closing your eyes)? And not even trying to wrap your arms around him while he kisses you?A kiss is not THAT electrifying,…is it?
  • And his kisses aren’t even that intense. A little more than a peck, but that’s all -____-
  • A little after halfway, you get to meet his parents mom or grandmother.
  • They are the epitomes of pure, evil. Evil I say!
  • They are rich, powerful women and they can do research about you faster than the government can.
  • They will plot an evil scheme…and bribe you to dump your MG.
  • You and your MG have an emotional break-up scene. He will grab your wrist and turn you around and he will tell you he loves you. You will fight back tears and coldly tell him that you never loved him.
  • As you walk away, you cry a river.
  • If this isn’t the scenario, you will deny the bribe and you will fight against his evil mom/grandma.
  • They will torture you until you reach HELL.
  • Much, much later on, you realize that you can’t live without your MG, so you confess that you love him too and you guys are all lovey-dovey.
  • Soon after, his evil mom/grandma will discover that they knew your parents before they died. Either they were business partners or they were good friends.
  • Either they make it worse for you or they forgive you and they let you love your MG.
  • At this time, everything turns ape sh*t. You discover that the bitchy ex-girlfriend earlier could have been your half-sister or step-sister.
  • In one scenario: Your parents that died weren’t your parents. They were adoptive parents. Your real parents are rich and powerful too, but they had a reason to abandon you.
  • In the end it gets emotional, but you end up with your MG. Yay!
  • And then the viewers realize that with all the chaos happening…it appears that you never had one piece of homework to do.

It has come to an end! If you have any suggestions, comment and I can add them! Hopefully, this wasn’t too long. Thanks for reading 🙂

P.S. This will be added to the “How To Be” page. Enjoy!




With the drama building up every single episode, it’s finally time to express what I feel about this drama so far.

Honestly, this is a very intense drama. Romance in this kinda of drama cannot be met easily. It’s hard enough that dear Lee Kangto (Joo Won) is also masquerading as the heroic Gaksital (Bridal Mask) that fights for his country’s freedom from the Japanese. What he plans to do throughout this drama have (almost) shattered his relationship with teacher-turned-Superintendent Kimura Shunji (Park Ki Woong); not to mention Kang To’s beloved childhood love, Boon Yi (Jin Se Yoon). Their love finally started blooming once again after Boon Yi uncovers Kang To as a very injured Bridal Mask; later on, he kisses her (squeal! :D).

There were some times where this drama did becoming a bit annoying. I wasn’t annoyed to the extreme but it’s that small moment of “Ugh, why are they always doing this?” or “I don’t like how she/he did that”. The most reoccurring part that always gets me in that moment is the torture chamber. Like come on, do they really not have any other places for interrogation? The captured are always getting tortured in there, so it does kinda get annoying after seeing it so many times. But who am I to judge? It was set in the 1930s.

Another thing was the blood. In some scenes, the blood always seemed way too fake. Some of the flesh wounds were sometimes too much. In the scene where Gaksital ruined the Japan-Korea Annexation ceremony, Shunji is conscious again and there were like so many flesh wounds (along with the fake blood) on him. He stood up as if he wasn’t injured or something. Sigh.

Speaking of Shunji, his character also got annoying in the later episodes once he became a superintendent. I would at least expect him to still have some morality in him, but all of it has been overwhelmed by his determination to find Bridal Mask. He would yell out in anger and start getting physical with others if things weren’t done his way. All the gentleness of Teacher Shunji washed away 😦 And plus, I was annoyed with the fact that he’s always doing this and that for the sake of Boon Yi. Really? I mean, I understand why he’s doing it (because he loves her one way, seeking revenge the other), but he’s really letting most of the “Looking for Bridal Mask” personality taking over him. Not to mention him getting all touchy-touchy with Boon Yi *shivers*

Even so, that doesn’t deny the fact that I don’t like LOVE this drama. Maybe this is one of those dramas where I just love it for no apparent reason. The storyline is a bit cliche, but I guess it’s just how the story kept on going. One of the best things about this drama is the crying scenes. I actually didn’t expect a lot from the crying scenes, but the scenes in here were pretty well done. I was very impressed. I don’t know what would happen once Shunji finds out that his beloved best friend is the masked warrior he’s been fighting against all along T_T.

As for the characters, they chose a VERY good cast for Bridal Mask. Joo Won is extremely HOT in there, haha. Se Yoon may be just a bit younger but I can see her in the future with acting success. The one thing I didn’t like about Se Yoon’s character was her stubbornness. I understand that she’s like that because she also wants the freedom of her country. She’s wants to fight alongside her only parent left and she doesn’t want to lose him. But following her character, she wasn’t quite the brightest character although she did show some moderate fighting and thinking skills. My opinion on her shifted when Kang To tells her that he was the Young Master she’s been searching for her life, and she cries out in anger and disbelief. Se Yoon played that part extremely well, it made me feel a little pain inside, haha. But overall, she’s a great character and I love her!

I haven’t been watching Bridal Mask because of my recent marathon with Bones, haha. I’ve watched Bones so and so but never really completed the show, so I’m catching up but I fell right into it. Hehe, so whenever I watch the recent episodes of Bridal Mask, I shall update again! Bridal Mask foreverrrr 😀 ❤

The Prettiness of Summerfever

Gahhhhhh. After watching the teaser, which was full of heart-tugging moments and awesomeness, I just want this to come out already. I been looking in ever little corner possible after I found out this drama on Guigui‘s wikipedia page. It’s sad to see it under the radar with not much popularity as others. However I have a feeling it will have good reviews though. Guigui and George Hu are magnificent in this.

Summer is the height of tourist season on the island of Kinmen. In one particular summer, national pianist champion, Chen Wen Qing, came to the island to spend her summer vacation. Local boy, Lin Ming Kuan, was her tour guide. As their adventures on the island went on, Kuan gradually fell in love with her. Yet, he never revealed his feelings. He didn’t think he was good enough for her. He even pushed her away when he discovered that she felt the same way for him. However, her unwavering love finally demolished his defense. They spent the rest of the summer being happily in love. When the summer came to end and Qing must return home, she promised to email him everyday and come back the next summer.

Next summer came. Qing returned to the island as promised. But, Kuan started to feel there is something different with Qing…

Now for some pretty:

If you guys want to get spoil

Watch the trailer here with subs.:)

Reflections of My World.

hellooooooo. It’s been awhile since I blog but I just wanted to tell you guys how busy I was with my drama life. 😀 I’ve been hopping drama ships back and forth from Korean to Thai to Chinese to Taiwan. I know I’m an Asian loverrr.

First off I want to introduce my plate of K-drama I’m watching and the impression they left on me.


This show surprise me right at the beginning. I was lost and didn’t know who the OTP was till halfway to half.:( I’m kinda slowww. I forgot to tell you guys, Big is about a 18 year old boy Kang Kyung Joon who switch body minds with Yoon Jae, a 30 year old doctor, during a car accident. The thing is KJ wakes up alive while YJ doesn’t wake up period. I think it kinda sucks because YJ’s story is kinda left out and that becomes a mystery to me which I’m still solving. Also forgot to add that YJ has a fiancee whose is the teacher of KJ.Awesome right?Then in the mix we have crazy stalker childhood friend of KJ, Mari who tags along for the rectangle love.Well just the triangle one.This is one of the rare Hong Sisters drama that doesn’t really get to me just like the last one sadly.:( I hope I end up liking it more than what the impressions gave me because the acting is bringing IT!GONGYOOO.

Bridal Mask

Yeah. They don’t look as innocent and sweet as they do.They’re so doom you want to cry, literally.Bridal Mask reminds me of City Hunter in tone and mood just more doom. This is such a great drama and I don’t wanna ruin anything for the watchers because it keeps you on your toes, every scene breaks my heart. So I’m just going to give you guys the drama-wiki version: Gaksital (Bridal Mask) is a famous manhwa set in the 1930s, during the Japanese occupation. The hero, Lee Kang-to, is known as ‘Gaksital’ because he wears a mask to hide his face — one of those traditional play masks, specifically the rosy-cheeked one reserved for the female role, aka the bride. He’s an unassuming young man in real life, but when he dons his superhero mask, he fights injustice and rights wrongs during one of the darkest periods of Korea’s history.Summary true to story.I recommend this drama more than anything airing right now because it feels so human and you can actually connect with the characters which to me is great. All the characters plus actors bitchy or not fit perfectly into the roles. I didn’t post pictures of the OTP and Bromance for nothing, great chemistry…. all doom.:)

I Need Romance 2012

If it weren’t for this drama BM would’ve eaten me alive. I love this, I Need Romance 2012 is similar to the first season but wayyyyyy better in it’s storyline and plot. Basiclly it’s about three 30 year old friends who and their love life. The main girl lives with her on-off ex-boyfriend of 3 years in an apartment. He’s her best friend and vise-versa. If you guys want to watch one of the INR season I recommend this season as the pace is faster less stupid and non-irritating. Did I mention everyone as hot as hell?!Yup they are.

P.S Watch this age 16 and above.XD

Here’s my Thai dramas and their non-nonsense:

Likit Fah Cha Ta Din

This show is so-so. I liked it in the beginning,it touch my heart at time but the rest of the screw-up crap that happen I blame on the mom’s selfish-self. If she been there for her son, he wouldn’t turn into a jerk-face and actually meet his soul mate sooner.Also we wouldn’t have almost get some taboo going on. I give props to the actors though, they went beyond what I thought of them and made me pity their foolishness. The chemistry between everyone was great and it one of the better Exact lakorns nowadays. They storyline is base on how the mother had pra’ek with her boyfriend but he left her to get marry. She has the baby and leaves him at a faraway temple, where he grew up raise by mental parents. The mother on the other hand got remarry to an older guy and has the second pra’ek he turns doesn’t get the motherly affection that is needed.They grow up and fall in love with the same girl,who only loves the pra’ek not the second one. There’s another n’ek(second) who also falls in love with her pra-ek her unknown half-brother but laters love second pra-ek. Told ya we’re almost tabooing.:)

Rak Praksit

I don’t even know how this got on here but I watch the whole thing and it disappointed me from beginning to end despite all the pretty that was in it.SAD. If you watch the older version you’ll understand. This one had pure nonsense in it that I feel sad for the actors in it.Enough said.


Alice in Wonder City

Isn’t the title so enchanting, I wish the same for the drama.I knew I shouldn’t had kept my expectations high because AiWC beat it all down in a punch of an episode. I don’t know why I’ even still watching this stuff. First,I greatly disappointed  in the writer who brought two amazing Taiwanese dramas to life, Black & White and The Hospital. However I’m still going to keep watching to see how our two talented violinists male leads are going to to battle with a non-existing singing female lead and on whatever craze she is second lead female. I came on the ride so I better finish it all the way.

The best for last, CHINA:

The Legend of Zhen Huan

After watching Bu Bu Jing Xin I thought no drama can beat this but TLoZH came and it was beasttt.This drama makes me shiver, it so damn good I’m dedicating a post to it after I finish the whole thing.This is what they call love.XD However a little summary on drama-wiki to keep you on your toes: This Qing dynasty drama focuses on the schemes in the Harem between Emperor Kang Xi’s wives.  Zhen Huan, initially a kind and innocent young lady, enters the palace and eventually finds herself caught in the conflict between the empress and concubines. Zhen Huan discovers that the palace is actually a cruel and harsh place, and learns how to survive on her own.

The Wedding Banquet: Ady An and Hu Ge Reunites

I have been waiting for this day for eight long years. Hu ge and Ady An are finally going to reunite in the movie The Wedding Banquet.

“The story is about Ady’s character going home to her rich family to attend a wedding banquet. She’s too embarrassed to reveal that she and her ex-boyfriend played by Hu Ge is no longer together. So she begs him to attend with her and act like they are still together. This brings the former exes back together as cuteness follows.” (credits to koalasplayground) (i hope this comes out with english subtittles.)

I am so too happy to hear this news. It’s getting me so excited and I just can’t wait to see these two together and feel their chemistry and their emotions towards each other again.
Ever since Chinese Paladin, I have fallen in love with this couple. From my personal opinion, Hu Ge and Ady An together out shined Hu Ge and Liu Yi Fei as a couple.

Although I am extremely excited for their coupling again, I’m not really liking the story line (but it’s not too bad). I was hoping Hu Ge and Ady would star in a really good Wuxia drama together 😦 but I guess i’ll have to wait a bit longer for that to take place.
Hopefully in this movie, the two characters end up together (unlike in CP). And i’m also praying to god that after this movie, they do a wuxia drama together>_<


Skip Beat!:My Impressions

I don’t think I have fallen in love with a drama this much in a lonnnnggggggg time. There are not enough words to describe how I feel about this. I don’t even hate the bad guys.Well there aren’t really any bad guys. I just love all the main characters and the actors that played them.:) I’m not going to talk about the whole drama just the main characters and their relationships. Just to let you know the impressions were good eve if they are bad.

Let’s start off with the heart of the show, the mighty Gong Xi. I love how Ivy portrays the character of Kyoko. Not many will agree with me but I thought she did a great job. The fact that Ivy let go and became the character was pretty good. Choi Siwon also did an acceptably job at becoming Lian and proving that he can act and not just some idol actor. However I have to get it to Donghae as Shang though. He was the scene-stealer for me during the second half of the show. I miss him when he wasn’t on screen and love it when he wanted Gong Xi back.


I hated the fact that Gong Xi loved Shang enough to run away with him to support his career. When in the end he threw her out like nothing. Happily, when she got her revenge he realizes he did love her. The way he looks at her after he left her and saw what she became was a punch in the face and it was what he deserves.


The way Lian loves Gong Xi was…like her was different. It felt like he long for her and she finally came,despite the suppose age gap they seem perfect for each other. I just love them together, the way Gong Xi makes he break his shield and the way he protects and support her despite all else.


I believe Gong Xi had different types of loves towards her two men. If Shang wasn’t and asshole, Gong Xi would’ve stay with him even if she met Lian already. When he let her go everyone knew she wasn’t going to come back easily and maybe never.


All the characters in the show were great from the President of LME to Qin were great and glad they got pick to be in those roles. Now I’m just crossing my fingers for a Season 2 because of what the ending of Skip-Beat made me feel. MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!XD


You don’t know anything,

That is until you lost the one you love. And that’s what our main guy realize when he reads a lost love-letter from his first love. Operation Proposal still makes me stand on my feet even after watching the original Japanese version which I cherishes really much,being one of my first Japanese dramas.

The story is simple, a man time travels back to the past to win back his first love. Since he realize you don’t know what you lost until it’s gone,which really means you knew exactly what you had, you just thought you’d never lose it. This drama relates back to this saying so much,it hurts.

The actors really did their part in making this drama come to life in it’s own way different from the original. The chemistry is so good between the actors that you’ll cringe when someone’s heart gets broken. Which is literally every episode.I have to give props for the screen writers in making this drama very memorable even till the end when it became too makjiang.

Sometimes I want to hit our main guy, Baek-ho in the head for everytime he goes back in time because of words he couldn’t say.However you can’t put the blame on him at all, because his other half really is his childhood friend, Yi Seul. The words she says to him comes true at every turn and is still stuck in my head,” Baek-ho,you don’t know anything at all” It really should just be the headline or this drama.

We can’t leave out the friends that completes this story,and shows what friendship is. We have the short stud, who loves the popular girls till the end of the world. The popular girl who loves her fame till she grows brains, and the handsome guy that keeps them together. And the coach that kept our main pairing apart.

I love how the story is told thoroughly which makes you care for all the characters despite them being flawed. At the end which makes me cares so much is that not only did our main guy, Baek-ho realize what he’s done wrong, our main gal, Yi-Seul does too.

One thinking the other is still there, while the other doesn’t have the faith to keep the love going. I don’t want to spoil anything anymore because this underrated drama really is worth watching.

Caps credited to javabeans