Reflections of My World.

hellooooooo. It’s been awhile since I blog but I just wanted to tell you guys how busy I was with my drama life. 😀 I’ve been hopping drama ships back and forth from Korean to Thai to Chinese to Taiwan. I know I’m an Asian loverrr.

First off I want to introduce my plate of K-drama I’m watching and the impression they left on me.


This show surprise me right at the beginning. I was lost and didn’t know who the OTP was till halfway to half.:( I’m kinda slowww. I forgot to tell you guys, Big is about a 18 year old boy Kang Kyung Joon who switch body minds with Yoon Jae, a 30 year old doctor, during a car accident. The thing is KJ wakes up alive while YJ doesn’t wake up period. I think it kinda sucks because YJ’s story is kinda left out and that becomes a mystery to me which I’m still solving. Also forgot to add that YJ has a fiancee whose is the teacher of KJ.Awesome right?Then in the mix we have crazy stalker childhood friend of KJ, Mari who tags along for the rectangle love.Well just the triangle one.This is one of the rare Hong Sisters drama that doesn’t really get to me just like the last one sadly.:( I hope I end up liking it more than what the impressions gave me because the acting is bringing IT!GONGYOOO.

Bridal Mask

Yeah. They don’t look as innocent and sweet as they do.They’re so doom you want to cry, literally.Bridal Mask reminds me of City Hunter in tone and mood just more doom. This is such a great drama and I don’t wanna ruin anything for the watchers because it keeps you on your toes, every scene breaks my heart. So I’m just going to give you guys the drama-wiki version: Gaksital (Bridal Mask) is a famous manhwa set in the 1930s, during the Japanese occupation. The hero, Lee Kang-to, is known as ‘Gaksital’ because he wears a mask to hide his face — one of those traditional play masks, specifically the rosy-cheeked one reserved for the female role, aka the bride. He’s an unassuming young man in real life, but when he dons his superhero mask, he fights injustice and rights wrongs during one of the darkest periods of Korea’s history.Summary true to story.I recommend this drama more than anything airing right now because it feels so human and you can actually connect with the characters which to me is great. All the characters plus actors bitchy or not fit perfectly into the roles. I didn’t post pictures of the OTP and Bromance for nothing, great chemistry…. all doom.:)

I Need Romance 2012

If it weren’t for this drama BM would’ve eaten me alive. I love this, I Need Romance 2012 is similar to the first season but wayyyyyy better in it’s storyline and plot. Basiclly it’s about three 30 year old friends who and their love life. The main girl lives with her on-off ex-boyfriend of 3 years in an apartment. He’s her best friend and vise-versa. If you guys want to watch one of the INR season I recommend this season as the pace is faster less stupid and non-irritating. Did I mention everyone as hot as hell?!Yup they are.

P.S Watch this age 16 and above.XD

Here’s my Thai dramas and their non-nonsense:

Likit Fah Cha Ta Din

This show is so-so. I liked it in the beginning,it touch my heart at time but the rest of the screw-up crap that happen I blame on the mom’s selfish-self. If she been there for her son, he wouldn’t turn into a jerk-face and actually meet his soul mate sooner.Also we wouldn’t have almost get some taboo going on. I give props to the actors though, they went beyond what I thought of them and made me pity their foolishness. The chemistry between everyone was great and it one of the better Exact lakorns nowadays. They storyline is base on how the mother had pra’ek with her boyfriend but he left her to get marry. She has the baby and leaves him at a faraway temple, where he grew up raise by mental parents. The mother on the other hand got remarry to an older guy and has the second pra’ek he turns doesn’t get the motherly affection that is needed.They grow up and fall in love with the same girl,who only loves the pra’ek not the second one. There’s another n’ek(second) who also falls in love with her pra-ek her unknown half-brother but laters love second pra-ek. Told ya we’re almost tabooing.:)

Rak Praksit

I don’t even know how this got on here but I watch the whole thing and it disappointed me from beginning to end despite all the pretty that was in it.SAD. If you watch the older version you’ll understand. This one had pure nonsense in it that I feel sad for the actors in it.Enough said.


Alice in Wonder City

Isn’t the title so enchanting, I wish the same for the drama.I knew I shouldn’t had kept my expectations high because AiWC beat it all down in a punch of an episode. I don’t know why I’ even still watching this stuff. First,I greatly disappointed  in the writer who brought two amazing Taiwanese dramas to life, Black & White and The Hospital. However I’m still going to keep watching to see how our two talented violinists male leads are going to to battle with a non-existing singing female lead and on whatever craze she is second lead female. I came on the ride so I better finish it all the way.

The best for last, CHINA:

The Legend of Zhen Huan

After watching Bu Bu Jing Xin I thought no drama can beat this but TLoZH came and it was beasttt.This drama makes me shiver, it so damn good I’m dedicating a post to it after I finish the whole thing.This is what they call love.XD However a little summary on drama-wiki to keep you on your toes: This Qing dynasty drama focuses on the schemes in the Harem between Emperor Kang Xi’s wives.  Zhen Huan, initially a kind and innocent young lady, enters the palace and eventually finds herself caught in the conflict between the empress and concubines. Zhen Huan discovers that the palace is actually a cruel and harsh place, and learns how to survive on her own.


Game Rai Game Ruk: My Impressions

An unforgettable love story, one so pure and innocent  I tell you not. Well only the first half it gets so crazy not Sawan Being crazy but you’ll break some sweat. I fell in love with the main guy over and over again. Nadech can make you suffocate like that. But truly this is a show worth watching if you skip all the n’rai stuff.Lol.

I love the pure love that is shown to us through Saichon and his Nangfah. Sometimes it shows us what really love is and how we all end up fighting for it through hell and back. The first time I watch this I only saw the first and last episode. I thought this was bleh,your typical Thai lakorn. But after recently  finishing the one thing with my mother I realize it really draws you in with the power of Saichon’s love. No lies.

It broke my heart when Saichon and Nangfah separated and her evil, beautiful sister told her stupid, handsome, doctor boyfriend to make her “better”. Because apparently Nangfah is “crazy”?Well despite everything after 3 years Saichon *cough* Charles *cough* finally found his Nangfah, who’s real name is Fahlada (I always wonder why her names are so pretty?)

Fahlada can become annoying and one role I hated seeing Yaya in. If she wasn’t Nangfah, I’ll shoot her in a heartbeat. This leads our Saichon into this crazy revenge against her,causing quite the frustration.

Too bad Nangfah thinks her husband is the evil guy,who lies to Saichon that Nangfah wants to forget their  memories. And the prize for most hated character is Fahlada Chompoo Prae,the evil adopted sister. She so obsessed with Saichon, I meant her Khun Charles that she ditches her oh so handsome doctor fiancee (yes,they’re engaged later) for.

Long story short, the ending to dramas makes me either love or hate it, and I love and hate the ending to this story. Let’s start with bad news. One, evil sister doesn’t go to jail or die. Two, Fahlada loves her sister till the end  even after all the bitch things she does. Three, Handsome doctor boyfriend still loves evil sister. Good news, despite trying to run away because she knows she won’t remember the memories and the person she was that fell in love with our Saichon, our Saichon still loves her for that deeply. Oh drama,you make me go crazy.


3 Num Neau Thong: 3 Golden Men


It’s been a while….so, let’s get straight to the point:)
I have watched the first episode of  3NNT and I just fell instantly in love with Kimberly Voltemas as Arunsri and Mark Prin as Kritchai.
Before watching the lakorn, i was really disappointed to hear that Mark and Kimberly was paired off together. I didn’t think they matched each other since Kimberly did look older than Mark. I was also disappointed on how the cast was paired off. Ken Phuphoom was paired with Toey Jarinporn, Boy Pakorn was Paired with Marie Broenner, Mark was paired with kimberly.
I wanted Boy and kimberly together, Mark and Toey, Ken and Marie.
But, Now that i have seen the first episode of 3NNT, Kimberly and Mark are SOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!
Mark was so in love with Kimberly but so sad she has a bf:(
How mark portrayed his character was so cute and dorky. It is funny how later on, Kimberly starts thinking he is gay!! LOL

I actually want Mark and Kimberly to be a kookwan…but i noticed on that not a lot of peeps are fond of the two being together. The two have another lakorn together and a lot of people are not satisfied (but i am^_^)
I mean, Nadech and Yaya have like Three lakorns together one after another and no one seems to complain. Like, i havent seen nadech with other n’eks.

anywho, that will be it for now:)


GRPGR:First Impressions

I have no words to express the wonderfulness of this drama.I marathon a third of it already, I think? Also the banner above is credited to whoever the owner is,I found it on google and find it very lovely.:D

Spoilers ahead!BE WARN.

Truth to be told before I start I like Yaya,but don’t love her as much as the other rising startles in her generation. I feel like she can only act certain roles. running away and hiding  However I like her Nangfah  and she reminds me alot of my other favorite leading character, the dear Gu Miho. Anywho onwards with the lakorn.

I had plans for watching this drama and so glad I put this under the radar because I didn’t want it to disappoint me. But it went above and beyond. I love this paring since DJA and didn’t expect will maybe I did to see them pair up so fast.

Nadech and Yaya are great in depicting two different characters throughout this drama and yes they’re the opposite of each others, leaning more towards Nadech’s characters though.  The times on the island are the sweetest and somehow might be the only happy times throughout this lakorn. Somebody's getting brainwashed.

Sad to know that Fah ( I going to start referring Yadech to their characters now) has a bitchy, evil,two-face sister who going to lie to her just so you can get the inheritance and her sister’s man Charles/Saichon. I love Nangfah and Saichon’s  love towards each other ,and loved Charles and his wicked love for Fahlada. Don’t they have like the prettiest names? Anyways I feel bad for P’ Mor since his Prae ( Fah’s sister) never seem to love him from the start.

I hate Fahlada in a way and can’t wait till she sees her sister the way everyone sees her maybe even P’Mor so she can stop pleasing her and know that Charles was her man to start with. Hmph. I can for tell the futre Charles your punching the wrong person.Hint:It suppose to be Prae.

But for now I think Charles is fighting with the wrong person P’Mor and not Prae maybe cause I didn’t’ watch that far in yet but then again GRPGR is pretty fast in pace so I cross my fingers to see it happen soon.

Since I’m already caving in to the second half I realize that Charles is going to become a veryvery angry man and I see the Game Rai coming into the picture, so funnn.HehYup Nangfah got's his heart.Now start working on how you can get it Fahlada!I know Charles she's not Nangfah.

The only thing that I still can’t get out of my mind from reading spoilers ahead is that Fahlada won’t love Saichon /Charles as much as Nangfah did and it kills me inside that Fahlada will always had deja vus leaving Charles the only one left with memories. Ughhh.  Charles word’s will forever stay in my head ” There’s already an owner to my heart” and later ” Her name’s Nangfah” Yup.Throughout this drama I’ll be on ship Saichon/Nangfah/Charles if that even exists.

Now for some pretty.

Photos Credit to Spicyforum

ROY MARN: favorite scene>_<


Like i said in my last post, I’ve fallen in love with ROY MARN (Margie and Boy).

I have to say, This lakorn probably has the BEST willing scene between n’ek and p’ek ever!!! Yesm Boy and Margie had a willing scene and it’s my FAVORITE out of the whole lakorn. 

It started a little bit like this:

 Bee (margie) was taking some time away from all her problems like: finding out that May (bee’s cousin/sister) is pregnant and Mark is the father (false alarm) and the divorce between her and Mark. It’s torturing her because she’s already in love with him at this point and also it’s torturing Mark because he’s also in love with her. Anyways, she decides to divorce with Mark because she “pities” her cousin (she’s just playing hard to get:))
ANYWAYS! She decides to get a break from all these dramas by going to stay at her uncle’s (Mark’s dad) condo in Hua Hin before she signs the divorce paper with Mark.
At this point, Mark is heartbroken and devastated and can not let go of Bee. So, *takes deep breath* he follows her to Hua Hin the day before the sign the paper!!

Bee was in the bedroom packing for the next day when she heard a knock on the front door. She goes to open it and to her surprise, it was MARK!!!!
She was shocked to see him and just stood in front of the door way.

Mark: (goes to hug Bee) I have something to tell you before it’s too late. (he is now crying really hard)
Bee: Still shock and standing still and crying>_<
Mark: …I don’t know when this happened but….I think I’m secretly in love with you….Is it ok if i stay with you tonight…(that wasnt a question for Bee to answer.)
Bee: She then finally hugs him tightly too^_^

On the bed,  he holds her in his arms and tells her that he doesnt want the night to end and wished they stayed like that forever…the most sweetest words ever!! (I LOVE BOY!!) then he leans in to kiss her!!and that’s when they did it…
but it’s funny how she doesnt end up pregnant…maybe Mark used protection??


ROY MARN: Don’t Marry Me!!


So, I’ve just finished watching ROY MARN last week and i fell in love with Margie Rasri and Boy Pakorn all over again!! Margie’s character, Bee, was a loud and childish girl yet so smart. But as the lakorn progresses, she will become more mature. On the other hand, Boy, who played as Mark aka Upama, was a mature guy. He’s easy going you can say:). But has a weakness to L O V E…hahhahah…yes Bee and Mark (margie and boy) was forced to get married (summary- to clear off debts. Mark was supposed to get married to Bee’s cousin May (Bella Vanita), who was smart and selfish and mean and conceited, but sadly she got raped and kidnapped by her childhood friend who was in love with her for a long time. Stuff happened here and there and Bee and Mark ended up falling in LOVE. Yes it was a really sweet thing that had happened^_^. You just gotta love Margie and Boy in here>_<. BARGIE!!! 

Margie played her role really well. In the beginning she was a little annoying because she was stubborn and annoying but I can guess why Margie played it that way. After she fell in love with Mark, her character did not change but her childish ways changed and she became more quiet (margie didnt really have a lot of lines towards the end of the lakorn-__-)

I have to say, Boy was really sexy in here. If you watched him in WAYUPAK MONTRA and compared his character LOM to his character MARK, it’s a total difference. Mark was really mature (besides the fact that he likes to tease/play around with bee).

ANYWHO!! After watching ROY MARN, I became a fan of BARGIE!! and hope to see more of them in the future. But before they come back to reunite together again, I would like to see them with different Thai actor/actress. But for now, i’ve became a fan of Bargie once again>_<. Hopefully in their next lakorn together it’ll be a REALLY dramatic, slap/kiss lakron. For now, i’ll just wait^_^


The Miracle Of Love


How should I start this?The fact that I dislike Mart and his stiff acting and only got pass three of his lakorn which to me is quite surprising, and this might be the fourth. I like the rest of the cast and this seems like a decent lakorn.

What I made me more intrugie in watching this was a teaser that I thought made art look cool.Heh.Maybe I’m going crazy?

Kimberly and Mart seems to have decent chemistry nothing surprise but the second leads are so cute. I think I’m having deja ve here?Alex and Mint are like Nadech and Yaya in DJA minus the mistaken one night stand.I love them so much and I hope this is a project that will heighten both their careers which they totally deserve.

And a summary of the lakorn!

Nichamon Chutiman (“Kim” Kimberly Voltemas) lost her parents and returns to Thailand to seek her grandparents to apologize in turn of her mother. Along the way, several unlucky events leads her into pretending to be housekeeper Pranom Sponserb in the Nareusorn Farm and discovers a vicious feud between the two neighboring farms rooted in Chaiburathut (“Smart” Krissada Pornweroj). Because Thut saw a signed document exchange between his father and the neighboring Sonalai farm owner, he believes that the Sonalais are responsible for swindling money from his dad and ultimately driving his dad to his death. Nichamon finds out that her grandfather died three years ago, so she takes up her housekeeper identity to find a way to meet her grandmother. Pimnareumon (“Mint” Chalida Wijitwongtong) and Rawipaat (“Alex” Alexander Rendell) of the separate feuding farms like each other but must guard their hearts. As Nichamon gets thrown into the mix, she starts to help Paat’s and Nammon’s love along with investigating about her grandmother but Thut proves to be the biggest road block. [Credit: smash with]

And for some cute behind the scenes,